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Cheril N. Clarke (born September 24, 1980) is a Canadian-born contemporary author and playwright of gay and lesbian romance, drama and comedy. She has lived in the United States for the majority of her life. Though born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Clarke’s family moved to Miami, FL when she was just six months old. She is the last of three children born to Hyacinth and Thaddius Clarke.

Writing career[edit]

Cheril N. Clarke is the author of five novels: Foundations: A Novel of New Beginnings, Different Trees from the Same Root, Intimate Chaos, Tainted Destiny, and Losing Control. Alongside fiction, Clarke had also penned a non-fiction book, Love and Romance: The Gay and Lesbian Guide to Dating and Romance, and a collection of erotic vignettes entitled Illusions of Love. She is also the author of a short story series entitled, "The Beautiful People." Her third novel, Intimate Chaos, has been adapted into a play of the same name and has been mounted in Bordentown, NJ, Plainfield, NJ and twice in Philadelphia, PA. Most recently, it was translated to Spanish and performed at the Tercer Amor festival in Puerto Rico[1] under the name Caos Intimo. Clarke's most recent play, "Asylum," was the recipient of the Audience Award of the 2012 Downtown Urban Theater Festival [2] (now known as Downtown Urban Arts Festival) New York[3] and runner up for best play. Though most of the reception towards Clarke’s work has been positive, some have acknowledged her potential but criticized her earliest projects for not having enough depth.

She has also been featured on many talk shows such as NPR [4] and WPEB 88.1FM Philadelphia.


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