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The Chern Prize in Mathematics was established in 2001 in honor of Professor Shiing-Shen Chern.[2] The Chern Prize is presented every three years at the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians to Chinese mathematicians and those of Chinese descent for "exceptional contributions to mathematical research or to public service activities in support of mathematics".[2] Winners are selected by a committee of mathematicians to recognize the achievements of mathematicians of Chinese descent.[3] In 2010, a special commemorative event was held in Beijing in addition to the normal award presentation to celebrate the centennial of Professor Chern's birth.[4]

Past winners[edit]

Year Medalists Institution
2001 Song-Sun Lin
Jiu-Kang Yu
Chiao Tung University
Purdue University
2004 Fanghua Lin
Lo Yang
New York University
Chinese Academy of Sciences
2007 Shiu-Yuen Cheng
Mu-Tao Wang
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Columbia University
2010 Jiaxing Hong
Conan Nai-Chung Leung
Winnie Li
Fudan University
Chinese University of Hong Kong
National Center of Theoretical Sciences (Taiwan)
2013 Bong Lian
Si-Chen Lee
Brandeis University
National Taiwan University
2016 Ronnie Chan
Xiping Zhu
Morningside Group
Sun Yat-sen University

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