Chernaya River (Saint Petersburg)

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Chernaya River

The Chernaya River (Russian: Чёрная речка), originally Mustajogi (in Karelian) also known as the Tchernaya Rechka or Black River, is a small river in Saint Petersburg. It flows 8.1 kilometers.[1]

The Chernaya is known for famous duels that took place there, including the 1909 duel between Nikolai Gumilyov and Maximilian Voloshin over the matter of a fictitious poet called Cherubina de Gabriak [in Finnish language: Kaprijakin (Kaprion) Kerubitar], and the fatal duel between poet-playwright Alexander Pushkin and Georges d'Anthès. The Chernaya River contributes to St. Petersburg's weather since water absorbs and radiates heat slower than land it makes temperatures less extreme in a place so close to the polar zone this is important.


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Coordinates: 60°02′10″N 30°08′47″E / 60.036°N 30.1463°E / 60.036; 30.1463