Chernigov Refinery

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Chernigov Refinery
Chernigov Refinery is located in Kemerovo Oblast
Chernigov Refinery
Location of the Chernigov Refinery in Kemerovo Oblast, Russia
Country Russia
Province Kemerovo Oblast
City Novaya Balahonka
Coordinates 55°36′45″N 86°8′42″E / 55.61250°N 86.14500°E / 55.61250; 86.14500Coordinates: 55°36′45″N 86°8′42″E / 55.61250°N 86.14500°E / 55.61250; 86.14500
Refinery details
Operator CJSC Chernigov Refinery
Owner(s) Siberian Business Union
Commissioned 2007
Capacity 217,000 bbl/d (34,500 m3/d)
No. of employees 14,000

Chernigov Refinery (Russian: Черниговский НПЗ) is a Russian oil refinery located in Novaya Balahonka, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia. It is owned and operated by CJSC Chernigov Refinery, which belongs to the Siberian Business Union.[1][2]


The company was founded in 2005. Construction of the first refinery unit started on 1 June 2006 and it became operational on 7 December 2007.[3][non-primary source needed] The third unit became operational in December 2013.[1]


The refinery has three units with a total capacity of 250,000 tonnes per year or 217,000 barrels per day (34,500 m3/d). Most of produced oil products are supplied to the other companies of the Siberian Business Union and Exportation.[1] In addition, the company operates 26 petrol stations. It is also an oil producer with recoverable reserves of 1.1 billion barrels (170×10^6 m3) of crude oil and 978 billion cubic feet (27.7×10^9 m3) of natural gas. It also owns an oil terminal with a transit capacity of 7 million tonnes per year.[citation needed]

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