Chernihiv Governorate

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Chernihiv Governorate
Чернігівська губернія
Governorate of Ukrainian State and Ukrainian SSR






Location of Chernihiv
  Chernihiv Governorate
Capital Chernihiv
 •  Established February 27, 1918
 •  Disestablished August 01, 1925
 •  (1897) 52,396 km2 (20,230 sq mi)
 •  (1897) 2,298,000 
Density 43.9 /km2  (113.6 /sq mi)
Political subdivisions counties: 18 (1918–1919)
11 (1919–1923)
okruhas: 5 (1923–1925)
Today part of Chernihiv Oblast
Kiev Oblast
Bryansk Oblast
Kursk Oblast
Gomel Region

Chernihiv Governorate (Ukrainian: Чернігівська губернія) was one of administrative territorial subdivision of Ukraine in 1918–1925. It was inherited from the Russian system of territorial subdivisions that existed prior to World War I.

Administrative division[edit]

The governorate consisted of 18 counties (povits).

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