Cherokee Christian Schools

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Cherokee Christian Schools
Woodstock, Georgia
United States
Type Private Christian
Religious affiliation(s) Christian
Established 1986
Grades K-12
Number of students under 500
Language English
Color(s) Maroon and white          
Mascot Warrior

Cherokee Christian Schools is a private Christian school in Woodstock, Georgia, United States enrolling students from kindergarten through 12th grade. Its primary organization includes the Academy (kindergarten, elementary, and middle) and the High School. The Administration of CCS includes a board of directors, a superintendent, and principals of the elementary, middle school and high school. It is a traditional school, in that students attend five days a week and follow a period schedule and calendar similar to local public schools.


The school was originally established in 1985 under the auspices of the session of Cherokee Presbyterian Church (PCA) in an effort to establish a Biblical alternative to secular, public schooling utilizing a traditional education model. The organizer and first headmaster was state certified educator, Denise D. Michelson, who also served as the chairman of the school board for the next 12 years. The school initially met in a house and had an enrollment of 35 children.[1][2] As the school grew, grade-levels were added yearly until, in 1997 it added the 12th grade and saw the first graduating class. For financial reasons, the high school was terminated two years later, followed by a hiatus of nine years, but has since been re-established and is now in separate high school facilities on another part of the campus.

Middle school[edit]

The middle school's principal is Jamie Basso.

Middle school students can participate in an elective alongside the usual five-subject course (math, Bible, English, science, and history). The electives include:

- DIY artsy gardening - fitness - art - journalism - debate

Campus and facilities[edit]

When the school outgrew the initial facilities also housing Cherokee Presbyterian Church facilities, the school relocated to its current site at 3075 Trickum Road, Woodstock, Georgia. The school's facilities have progressively expanded and now include an elementary building, with a fine-arts wing and a middle-school wing, a separate high school building, and athletic fields. The school recently acquired an adjacent property, nearly doubling the available campus acreage, with long-range plans to include a separate fine-arts building.


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