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The Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center (CSRHC) museum at the eastern edge of Enid, Oklahoma focuses on the history and culture of the Cherokee Outlet and the Land Run of September, 16, 1893. Previously named the Museum of the Cherokee Strip, the museum has undergone renovations expanding the museum space to 24,000 square feet.[1]

The front of the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center.

Additional exhibits focus on Phillips University and Enid, Oklahoma history. The Land and People exhibit features artifacts relating to the early settlement of the area and the development of agriculture, oil, and rail industries.[2] The center held a gala on September 16, 2010 featuring David Fitzgerald's "Cherokee Nation: Portrait of a People" photography exhibit. It was the museum's first exhibit in its new space.[3]

The Pioneer Family Statue by local sculptor, Harold Holden, stands outside the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center.
The entrance to the Humphrey Heritage Village.


The Museum of the Cherokee Strip was officially opened on September 13, 1975. The Garfield County Historical Society, Sons and Daughters of the Cherokee Strip Pioneers, and Cherokee Strip Historical Society preserved and collected historical artifacts from Cherokee Outlet which are displayed at the museum.[4] Humphrey Heritage Village, named for Bill Humphrey, is located beside the museum and features the 1893 Enid Land Office, the Glidewell House, Turkey Creek School, and the Village Church. The center is operated by the Oklahoma Historical Society.

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