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Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre & Diner, previously known as The Honor, is a historic drive-in theater and diner in Honor, Michigan on US Highway 31 (US 31).[1][2][3] It opened in 1953.[4] and was one of seven remaining drive-in theaters in Michigan in 2003.[5] It has a snack bar, children's play areas, putt-putt golf, beach volleyball, home-run derby and an area for dogs.[1][5] Entertainment events include Hula-Hoop contests and Elvis impersonators.[5] The Cherry Bowl is the only remaining drive-in theater in Northern Michigan.[1][6] The Cherry Bowl's sound system uses the original vacuum tube motiograph amplifiers powering speakers at speaker posts.[1] An FM Radio option is also offered.[1] The drive-in theatre is open in the summertime.

Then-Governor Jennifer Granholm told the Detroit Free Press in 2009 that residents "haven't lived in Michigan until '[they've] been to the old-fashioned Cherry Bowl Drive-in in Benzie County, where [they] can sit on cushions in the back of [their] truck on a warm night, munching on the best movie popcorn and chicken fingers in Michigan watching an evening summer movie."[7] In 2013, Honda awarded the theatre a prize in its "Project Drive-In" social media campaign; the car maker awarded the Cherry Bowl a new digital projector.[8] The theater and drive-in are located at 9812 Honor Highway (US 31).[4]


Longtime owner Jean Griffin ran the business after her husband's death in 1959, and was known for working in high heels. Laura and Harry Clark are the current owners.[4] The business offers mini-golf and double feature films rated PG-13 or below.[4][9] Owner Harry Clark has installed sculptures next to the theater's vintage speakers and 14-foot neon hot dog. One sculpture is a pink and blue Volkswagen with a clown head on it, another is a pink cow with cherries for spots, and there is classic Chevy positioned to look like it is coming through a fence.[10]


Food offerings include Messy Marvin's chili cheese fries and (sometimes) Crazy Harry's Barbecue Ribs. Desserts include funnel cakes, slushees topped with whipped cream and a cherry, and caramel apples (made daily).

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