Cherry Ripe (chocolate bar)

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Cherry Ripe
Product typeConfectionery
OwnerCadbury Enterprises Pte Limited[1]
Introduced1924; 97 years ago (1924)
Related brandsList of Cadbury products
MarketsAustralia, New Zealand
Previous ownersMacRobertson's
Registered as a trademark inAustralia 1941, 1949, 1952 and 2003[1]
TaglineThe Big Cherry Taste
WebsiteProduct website
A split Cherry Ripe

Cherry Ripe is a brand of chocolate bar manufactured by Cadbury Australia. Introduced by the Australian confectioner MacRobertson's in 1924, it is now one of Australia's oldest chocolate bars and is one of the top chocolate bar brands sold in the country.[2] It consists of cherries and coconut coated with dark chocolate.


After Cadbury acquired Australian confectioner MacRobertson's in 1967 it continued to manufacture Cherry Ripe, along with Freddo, Old Gold and Snack.[3] Cherry Ripe wrappers continued to display the former company's distinctive logo until 2002.[3]

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