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Not to be confused with Cherry blossom.
Origin Nagoya, Japan
Genres Rock
Years active 2007 (2007)—2010
Labels Pony Canyon
Members Meeko, Maico, Kuppa, 83, Yuchi

Cherryblossom is a Japanese rock band from Tokyo, who debuted in 2007.[1] Their initial release was the mini-album Riskygirl, which was followed by three singles and then in 2008 by a full album titled GO!.[1] Cherryblossom are most commonly known for their singles, Dive To World, Cycle, and Sakura Rock, which were part of the soundtrack for the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn!.[1][2]

Band members[edit]

The band consists of four members:[2]

  • Vocalists: Maico and Meeko
  • Guitar: Kuppa
  • Bass: 83 (stage name)
  • Drums: Yucchi



  • Riskygirl (2007)[1]
  • 「星空トライアングル」 (2009)[1]


  • GO! (2008)[1]
  • Jikuu (2011)
  • Complete Best Cherryblossom (2011)


  • Dive To World (2007)[1]
  • 春風Lover Song (2008)[1]
  • Cycle (2008)[1]
  • 桜ロック (2009)[1]
  • 夢のマニュアル (2009)


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