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Chersonesos or Chersonesus (Greek: χερσόνησος) is the Greek word for "peninsula".

The term appears in various ancient toponyms:


  • Chersonesus, an ancient city and archaeological site near Sevastopol. The name Chersonesus Taurica was also extended to the entire Crimean Peninsula.
  • Chersonissos, Crete, Greece, a village near the historical harbour of Lyctus.
  • Chersonesos (Sicily), an ancient Greek colony in Sicily, Italy.
  • Chersonesos (Thrace), an ancient Greek colony in what is today the Gallipoli peninsula


  • Taurica or Chersonesus Taurica, today known as the Crimean Peninsula
  • Gallipoli, Turkey, was called Chersonesus Thracica in antiquity.
  • Jutland Peninsula, Denmark, was called Chersonesus Cimbrica in antiquity.
  • Malay Peninsula, Malaysia, was called Chersonesus Aurea in antiquity.

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