Cherub of the Mist

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Cherub of the Mist
Directed by Naresh Bedi
Produced by Naresh Bedi
Rajesh Bedi
Release date
Running time
50 minutes
Country India

Cherub of the Mist is a documentary film based on the life of two red pandas, namely, Mini and Sweety, who were released into the Singalila National Park in the Darjeeling District, India.

The documentary was filmed by Naresh Bedi and Rajesh Bedi over about 14 months. It was the first time that someone had filmed the rare red pandas in their natural habitat. Red pandas are found in Nepal, through North-eastern India and Bhutan, and into China and are listed in the Red Data Book. Their population is estimated to be around 2,400.

The film shows the courtship, mating, nest building, and rearing of cubs of these little creatures.

General information[edit]

  • Format: One-off / one hour
  • Location: India
  • Running Time: 50 minutes
  • Director: Naresh Bedi
  • Executive producers: Naresh & Rajesh Bedi
  • Cinematographer: Vijay Bedi, Ajay Bedi & Naresh Bedi
  • Editing: Ajay Bedi & Vijay Bedi
  • Production company: Bedi Films

Ajay Bedi & Vijay Bedi are also the only Indians to have won nomination at individual craft category for editing for television highest awards "Emmy Academy of Television Art & Science Award", for this film on the red panda.


  • 29th IWFF Awards, Montana, US, 2006
    • Best Conservation & Environmental
    • Merit Award for Animal Behaviour
  • Wildscreen, UK,2006
    • Wildscreens Award to Promote Filmmakers from Developing Countries
  • 31st Banff Mountain Film Festival, Banff, Canada 2006
    • Best Film on Mountain Environment
    • Audio Post Production Scholarship
  • 17th International Wildlife Film Festival, Albert, France 2007
    • Award for the protection of the Animal Species
    • Audience Award
    • Special Award of Young Audience
  • Wildlife Asia Film Festival, Singapore 2007.
    • The Loris Award
    • Best Asian Wildlife Film Nomination in craft category of Sound Recording
  • Wildtalk Africa Wildlife Film Festival, Durban, South Africa 2007.
    • Roscar Award for Best Limited Budget Film Award
  • Nomination at Japan Wildlife Film Festival, Tokyo, Japan 2007
  • Revelation Award at Vatavaran Wildlife Documentary Film Festival, New Delhi, India 2007.
  • 28th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards, New York, United States, 2007.
    • Nomination for Craft Category of Editing - Ajay Bedi & Vijay Bedi