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Navajyothi College, Kannikkalam
Chathamangalam Theruvamala
Kottathalachi Mount

Cherupuzha is primarily an agriculture-centered city in Kannur district of northern kerala. Cherupuzha town, which is the headquarters of the panchayat, is located about 30 kilometers east of Payyannur and 35 kilometers west of Nileshwaram and 58 kilometres north of Kannur city.


Cherupuzha and its surrounding areas was ruled by many royal dynasties in the past, including the Mooshika dynasty of Ezhimala, Chirakkal Dynasty of Kolathunadu, Tipu Sultan of the Kingdom of Mysore, before it became a part of the British Raj. The original inhabitants of the area were primarily Hindus. Later on this region gained a sizable Christian and Muslim population. The economy was agrarian with strong feudal system - Janmi-Kudiyan system - permeating everyday life in past and in the present mainly small and medium farmers.


Cherupuzha is a hilly village on the eastern side of Kannur district. The terrain is undulating in nature and the extreme eastern side has forests bordering Karnataka state.

Tejaswini River[edit]

Tejaswini River, also called "Kariamkode Puzha" in Malayalam, which is comparatively small among 44 rivers of Kerala, flows beside this town. It originates from Brahmagiri hills of Coorg forest in Karnataka, enters Kerala near Pulingome, flows through the districts of Kannur and Kasargod and meets the Arabian Ocean, near Nileshwaram as a part of Valiyaparamba Backwaters. Tejaswini, which is 64 KM long, do have a rafting stretch of 20 KM with plenty of rapids extending up to class-3.

Other Towns and villages Near Cherupuzha[edit]

Satellite towns that are nearby and places at a long distance which has direct bus route from Cherupuzha includes Koluvally, Pulingome, Palavayal, Rajagiri, Thayyeni, Kozhichal, Josegiri, Chittarikkal, Alakkode, Karuvanchal, Thirumeni, Padichaal, Payyanur, Kannur, Pala, Kottayam, Pathanamthitta. These population centres are well connected to Cherupuzha by road.(refer google maps for locating these places) [1]

Places of worship in Cherupuzha[edit]

  • Kottathalachi Mount
  • Baptist Church Kokkadavu (Thirumeni)
  • St. Mary's Forane Church
  • Cherupuzha Shri Ayyappa Temple
  • Pulingome Makhaam
  • Holy family church koluvally
  • Chathamangalam St. Jude's Chapel (Near Thirumeni)
  • St.Sebastians church Kozhichal
  • Kripalayam retreat center
  • St. Joseph’s Church Pulingome
  • St.Agustines Church Rajagiri
  • Narambil Bhagavathy


The national highway passes through Perumba junction through proposed Ezhimala - Bagamandalam Highway. Goa and Mumbai can be accessed on the northern side and Cochin and Thiruvananthapuram can be accessed on the southern side. The road to the east of Iritty (Malayora Highway) connects to Mysore and Bangalore. The nearest railway station is Payyanur on Mangalore-Palakkad line. Trains are available to almost all parts of India subject to advance booking over the internet. There are airports at Mattanur, Mangalore and Calicut. All of them are international airports but direct flights are available only to Middle Eastern countries.

Direct Buses are available to Banglore, Manglore, Ernakulam, Kottayam Thrissur and other places of Kerala and Karanataka.

Hanging Bridge[edit]

The Major attraction in Cherupuzha is a hanging bridge in Tejaswini river (also known as karyamkode puzha) which connects both Kasaragod and Kannur districts.


Two main roads are Cherupuzha-Payyanur and Cherupuzha - Alakode All the other roads in this area were built by the people themselves. The roads, Cherupuzha-Pulingome – Kottathalachi, Edavaramba – Koombankunnu, Kariyakkara – Koombankunnu,Cherupuzha-Pulingome-Rajagiri, Rajagiri-Josegiri, Vazhakkundam – Churappadavu, Chunda – Vilakkuvettam and Umayanchal – Kottathalachi are examples of the collective effort of people of Cherupuzha and Pulingome. Another important road in the area is Cherupuzha-Thirumeni road which is of a length of 7 kilometers. From Thirumeni, one can reach to its outskirts like Chathamangalam, Thabore, Muthuvom and Korali.

Both private and public transport buses are available from Cherupuzha to Kannur, Kozhikode, Cochin and Bangalore.

Ezhimla-Payyannur-Cherupuzha-Pulingome - Thalakkaveri-Bhagamandala-Bengaluru road[edit]

A new bridge has already been constructed over Pulingome river near Cherupuzha, connecting Kerala and Karnataka. Talks are on between Karnataka, Kerala and central Governments on this project. If this road became a reality, the distance to Bangalore and Mysore would be reduced by more than 60 kilometers also 120 kilometers between Kannur and Bangalore.

Cherupuzha-Prapoyil-Thirumeni -Chathamangalam-Parappa-Karthikapuram Road : Bypass Road for Hill Highway[edit]

This road, though development is still underway, is very significant because it connects Cherupuzha to places like Karthikapuram, Parappa, Neduvode and Rayarome at the shortest distance. This is the only road that goes through the common meeting place of Cherupuzha, Alakode and Udayagiri panchayaths. Efforts are on to renovate the road completely and make it the bypass of Alakode-Therthaly-Cherupuzha Road. The advantage is in case of any complication on the major road, the bypass can be used.

If developed properly, additional long route buses can make trips covering places like Prapoyil, Thirumeni, Chathamanga, Parappa & Karthikapuram. All these places have only local bus services now and can act as a proper alternate route for the HIll Highway.

How To Reach Cherupuzha[edit]

Cherupuzha is 71 km from Kannur and 30 km from Payyanur45km from kanhangad and 28km from Cheruvathur. Many buses travel from Bangalore, Kochi, Kottayam, Kozhikode and Kannur. Bus route between Payyanur and Cherupuzha operates frequently.

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