Chervona Motovylivka

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Chervona Motovylivka
Ukrainian: Червона Мотовилівка
Flag of Chervona Motovylivka
Coat of arms of Chervona Motovylivka
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 50°9′18″N 30°4′27″E / 50.15500°N 30.07417°E / 50.15500; 30.07417
Country Ukraine Ukraine
Oblast Kiev Oblast
Raion Fastiv
Population 3,499

Chervona Motovylivka (Ukrainian: Червона Мотовилівка) is a Ukrainian village, located in the Fastiv Raion of Kyiv Oblast.

In 2001 its population was 3,499. Its area covered 8.16 square kilometres (3.15 sq mi).


Chervona Motovylivka is an ancient Ukrainian village founded between 1712-1714, when the terms of the Treaty of the Pruth (1711) forced Ukrainian Cossacks from Great Motovylivka (subjects of Russia) to move to the left bank of the Stuhna.

The name Chervona Motovylivka was established in 1940. Previous names were Chernecha Motovylivka, Kazenna Motovylivka and Kamenevo.

In April 1917 one of the first sections of Prosvita society in Fastivschyna was founded.


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