Cherwell Software

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Cherwell Software
Industry Enterprise software
Founded 2004
Founder Vance Brown
Arlen S. Feldman
Timothy G. Pfeifer
Headquarters Colorado Springs, CO, U.S.
Services IT Service Management
IT Asset Management
mApps (Mergeable Applications)
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As of April 2013.

Cherwell Software is a privately held American technology company specializing in SIT Service Management and IT Platform products.[1] They are the creators of the Cherwell Service Management ITSM platform.[2] Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, they have offices in Swindon, UK. Their name is taken from the River Cherwell, which runs through Oxford. Recognized by Gartner, Forrester Research and Forbes, Cherwell Service Management is an ITIL solution, all on a flexible platform that provides mobility by design. Deployed via SaaS or on-premises, with the portability to switch.[3]



Cherwell was founded in 2004 by Vance Brown, the former CEO of GoldMine (now FrontRange Solutions), Arlen S. Feldman and Timothy G. Pfeifer. Cherwell launched Cherwell Service Management in 2007 based on a modern, metadata architecture. Cherwell's modern, metadata architecture was built to solve for classic software challenges, primarily version upgrades that break customization of software. In addition, Cherwell's metadata architecture provides a "codeless" platform so that customizations and applications can be built on the platform without writing code.

Venture Capital Investment[edit]

In November 2012, Cherwell received a $25 million investment from Insight Venture Partners in order to accelerate their rapid growth.[4] The investment was highly unusual for the industry as in exchange for their capital investment, Insight Venture was only granted common stock in the company and did not receive control over day to day operations. CEO Vance Brown told the media that he structured this deal in order to "plan to retire doing Cherwell" and "not have to worry about having an exit strategy like [his] competitors"[sic].[5]

Company Milestones[edit]

In January 2013, the Service Desk Institute accredited Cherwell Service Management as the "first service desk software solution in the world to be compliant with its international service desk metrics and reporting standard".[6]

In September 2014, Cherwell Service Management 5.0 with mApp ("mergeable application") technology enabling customers to easily integrate new functionality into Cherwell Service Management. The company's mApp Exchange also launched.[citation needed]

In August 2015, Cherwell Service Management 6.0 launched with 300% increase in performance and scalability.[citation needed]


The Cherwell Service Management platform (CSM) is effectively a suite of information technology and service management applications. CSM enables the rapid development of data-centric applications that can share a common data repository and utilize the same standard configuration tools. Users of the platform are also able to build custom applications on top of the same platform, using the tools and database that Cherwell provides. This platform flexibility makes each instance of the Cherwell Service Management platform unique. From a product perspective, Cherwell has developed and sells applications designed in line with Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) methodology. Cherwell released CSM 5.0 in September 2014 alongside the mergeable application (mApp) Exchange.

The company has productized the following ITSM applications:

Cherwell has also developed the Cherwell Mobile applications for iOS and Android.[7]

Cherwell develops Express Software Manager for IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management.


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