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Cheryl Prewitt
Born (1957-02-15) February 15, 1957 (age 61)
Ackerman, Mississippi
Nationality American
Other names Cheryl Salem
Alma mater Mississippi State University
Occupation Singer, author, musician
Title Miss Starkville 1979
Miss Mississippi 1979
Miss America 1980
Predecessor Kylene Barker
Successor Susan Powell
Spouse(s) Harry Salem II (m. 1985)
Children 3 (1 deceased)

Cheryl Salem (née Prewitt) (born February 15, 1957), is an American Christian evangelist, author, musician, and former beauty pageant titleholder, who was Miss Mississippi 1979 and Miss America 1980. She has been married to Harry Salem II, (the brother-in-law of televangelist Richard Roberts) since 1985 and, along with her husband and children, she ministers through Salem Family Ministries.[1]

At age 11 a horrifying automobile accident left Cheryl with a scarred face, a body cast and a wheelchair, all of which she overcame to become Miss MSU, Miss Starkville, Miss Mississippi, and Miss America.[2]

The Salems have two sons, Harry III and Roman, and a daughter, Gabrielle, who is deceased. They have written a book to honor their daughter Gabrielle entitled, from Mourning to Morning, with inserts from Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, Eastman Curtis and many more.[3]

Miss America 1980[edit]

The local milkman told a 5-year old Cheryl Prewitt that she would be Miss America one day. And so she was.

Cheryl Prewitt walked the runway to become Miss America 1980, despite poverty, sexual abuse, a horrific car crash that resulted in a physical handicap and over 100 stitches in her face at age 11, and subsequent accident and fall that put a total of 200 stitches in her face by age 20 which have never been touched with plastic surgery. Prewitt was the first Miss America to have a platform, something she said the pageant now encouraged for all contestants. "I stood for God and country and putting the two back together."

Ms. Prewitt entered - and lost - pageants for 5 years before winning the crown that would take her to Atlantic City. She won the Miss Starkville and Miss Mississippi titles in 1979, culminating in Miss America 1980.



  • The Sound of the Spirit (2015)*
  • Rebuilding the Ruins of Worship Workbook (2015)
  • Tones of the Throne Room (2014)
  • Rebuilding the Ruins of Worship (2012)
  • We Who Worship (2009)
  • The Presence of Angels in Your Life (2011)
  • Don't Kill Each Other! Let God Do It! (2010)*
  • Entering Rest - Be Still - a 40-Day Journey into the Presence of God (2009)
  • Obtaining Peace - A 40-Day Prayer Journal (2008)
  • 2 Becoming 1 (2006)*
  • The Choice is Yours (2005)*
  • Overcoming Fear - A 40-Day Prayer Journal (2004)
  • Every Body Needs Balance (2004)
  • From Grief to Glory (2003)*
  • From Mourning to Morning (2001)*
  • Distractions from Destiny (2002)*
  • Speak the Word Over Your Family for Finances (2003)
  • Speak the Word Over Your Family for Healing (2003)
  • Speak the Word Over Your Family for Salvation (2003)
  • Fight in the Heavenlies
  • It's Too Soon to Give Up (1998)
  • An Angel's Touch (2000, 1997)
  • A Royal Child (1996)
  • The Mommy Book (1995)
  • How to Get a Balanced Body (1990)
  • Simple Facts: Salvation, Healing and the Holy Ghost
  • Health and Beauty Secrets
  • Choose to be Happy
  • Abuse...Bruised but Not Broken (1989)
  • You Are Somebody (1988)
  • A Bright Shining Place - The Story of a Miracle (1981)

Items with * were written with Dr. Harry Salem II


  • Heaven on Earth (2012)
  • The Holiest Place (2012)
  • Prophetic Instrumental (2012)
  • Revelation: Scriptures in Song (2012)
  • Broken Places (2011)
  • Great is Your Grace (2010)
  • Deep Cries to Deep (2010)
  • Lord, You're Holy (2008)
  • Pour My Love On You (2005)
  • The Glory is Here (2004)
  • My Head is in Heaven (2002)
  • Do I Trust You? (2001)


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Kylene Barker
Miss America
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Susan Powell
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