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Cheryl Deann Sullenger (born 1955) is an American anti-abortion activist and convicted federal felon.

Sullenger and her husband, Randall, both pled guilty in 1988 to conspiring to blow up the Alavarado Medical Center abortion clinic with a gasoline bomb [1] She served two years in U.S. federal prison. After her release in 1990,[2] she relocated her anti-abortion activities from California to Kansas.

Anti-abortion Activism[edit]

In 2009, she drew attention following the trial of Scott Roeder, an anti-abortion activist indicted for the murder of Dr. George Tiller of Wichita. Sullenger initially denied any contact with Roeder, but when her phone number was discovered on the dashboard of his car, she subsequently stated that she had kept him informed regarding Tiller's scheduled court dates.[3]

Sullenger currently serves as a senior policy advisor for Operation Rescue under Troy Newman. She also serves as director of Kansans for Truth in Politics, a social conservative activist group.

Pro-choice response[edit]

Rachel Maddow ran an expose covering an alleged "unholy alliance" between Sullenger and Roeder.[4] Jacob M. Appel has highlighted Sullenger's violent history in his efforts to enact mandatory lifelong registration for perpetrations of crimes against abortion clinics.[5]

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