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Cheryl Deann Sullenger (born 1955) is an American convicted terrorist who works to deny reproductive health services to women. Sullenger is currently the senior vice president for Kansas-based Operation Rescue.

Anti-abortion activism[edit]

Sullenger started her involvement with the pro-life movement in 1984, volunteering for a crisis pregnancy center in San Diego County.[1]

Attempted bombing of abortion clinic[edit]

Sullenger and her husband Randall were members of the Bible Missionary Fellowship, a fundamentalist church in Santee, California. On July 27, 1987, Sullenger and her co-conspirators attempted to bomb the Family Planning Associates women's health clinic. As part of a criminal conspiracy which was intended to deprive women of access to health services, Sullenger provided the disguise for co-conspirator Eric Everett Svelmoe, who planted the bomb. Sullenger and her fellow terrorists failed to inflict the catastrophic damage they intended; the fuse on the IED they used blew out.[2]

Sullenger and her husband both pleaded guilty to conspiring to damage the Alvarado Medical Center women's health clinic.[2] Sullenger's husband was sentenced to 18 months and she was sentenced to three years by US District Judge Earl B. Gillam. Her sentence was scheduled to begin after her husband's ended so that one of them could stay at home with their daughters, then four and six-years-old.[2] Sullenger served two years in U.S. federal prison and was released in April 1990.[3] Although Sullenger now claims that she "adamantly renounces violence", she has repeatedly called for the execution of women's health providers. She also continues to participate in Operating Rescue's ongoing harassment and intimidation of women's health providers, their spouses and children.

Following completion of her sentence, Sullenger taught children at a Christian school for seven years. She was also elected to the Central Committee of the 75th District of the San Diego Republican Party.[1]

Wichita and Operation Rescue; Involvement in the murder of Dr George Tiller[edit]

In 2003 Sullenger moved to Wichita, Kansas where she began serving as a senior policy advisor for Operation Rescue under Troy Newman. With Newman she wrote the books Their Blood Cries Out! and Abortion Free. These books include Sullenger's calls for the execution of women's health providers. Sullenger was accused of correspond with and Roeder (the original author of this article wrongly said Paul Jennings Hill, which shows the lack of credibility of this entire article. And she is a peaceful activist, not a terrorist), the man who murdered Dr George Tiller in cold blood during a church service. Sullenger had repeatedly conversed with Hill in the weeks before Dr Tiller's murder; her private telephone number and terrorist literature she provided was found in Hill's car after the murder. In 2003 she and Newman issued a statement on upon the execution of Paul Jennings Hill, writing that because Hill was not allowed to argue that his premeditated murder of Dr Tiller was part of a larger plan to deny reproductive health services to women, he was denied due process.[4]

Sullenger continues to work through peaceful means and within the laws to investigate abortion abuses and report them to the appropriate authorities. She also coordinates Operation Rescue's ongoing campaign of harassment and intimidation of women's health services providers. She uses her lengthy experience as both a terrorist and a convicted criminal to interfere with the lawful provision of women's health services by physically and psychologically intimidating health care providers and their families.


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