Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon

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Cheryl Wheeler-Duncan
Born Cheryl Wheeler
Other names Cheryl Wheeler, Cheryl M. Wheeler, Sheryl Wheeler, Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon
Occupation Stuntwoman, martial artist, nutritionist
Spouse(s) Shane Dixon (? - 30 June 1999), Lindsey Duncan

Cheryl Wheeler-Dixon (born 1960) is a stunt woman, stunt double, and stunt driver in the US movie industry. She has also been credited as Cheryl Wheeler-Duncan, Cheryl Wheeler, Cheryl M. Wheeler, and Sheryl Wheeler. She has been stunt double for Rene Russo, Kathleen Turner, and Goldie Hawn. She has two daughters, and with her husband, Lindsey Duncan, owns Genesis Today, Inc., a nutritional supplement company in Austin, Texas and a multi-level marketing offshoot called Genesis Pure.

Early years[edit]

Cheryl Wheeler began studying Yoshukai Karate at fifteen years-old in Pensacola, Florida, with instructor Gerry Blanck. She began kickboxing when her instructor began training an amateur team, but her championship matches were considered professional, as she was paid for the work. Wheeler-Dixon also studied Judo, Aikido, and grappling[1] and trained for a while with kickboxer and actor Don Wilson. She is a three-time WKA World Kickboxing Champion[2] with a record of 17-1-1 and a 2nd degree black belt in Yoshukai Karate.


Wheeler-Dixon began work in the film industry in 1987 and maintains an extensive filmography of stunt work in such films as Back to the Future Part II, Bird on a Wire, Die Hard 2, Lethal Weapon III & IV, Demolition Man, The Thomas Crown Affair and Charlie's Angels.[3] Wheeler-Duncan was inducted into Black Belt Magazine's Hall of Fame as 1996 Woman of the Year.[4] With Chris Casamassa, she appeared on the cover and in a feature article in Black Belt Magazine in July 1997.[5] Wheeler-Dixon received a Stunt Award for "Best Stunt Sequence" in the 2000 film of Charlie's Angels.

Wheeler-Dixon was injured during the filming of Back to the Future II when she shattered her face and right wrist in a fall and required reconstructive surgery.[2][6] In April 2010, she was featured on the cover and wrote an article for Healthy Living Magazine.[7] She also works as a "stuntnastics" instructor and stunt performer at The Stunt Ranch in Austin, Texas.[8]


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