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In Turkish mythology, Chesma İyasi (Turkish: Çeşme İyesi or Bulak İyesi sometimes Pınar İyesi; Azerbaijanese: Bulaq İyesi, Tatar: Çişmä İyäsi) was a cat-shaped well or fountain-spirit. She inveigles youth to death.

In Turkic folklore, Çeşme İyesi is a type of nymph (female spirit) who presided over fountains, wells and springs.[1] They could be dangerous. It was also known to exhibit jealous tendencies. Çeşme İyesi in folklore became water sprites who try to lure people into the water. They can assume many different shapes, including that of a human, fish or fairy. The females are beautiful women with the tail of a fish. When they are in human forms, they can be recognised by the wet hem of their clothes. Çeme İyesi is portrayed as malicious in some stories but harmless and friendly in others. She is usually depicted as a woman who is a fairy or fish from the waist down (much like a mermaid).

Kuyu İyesi[edit]

Kuyu İyesi is a type of Çeşme İyesi. It is the protector spirit of well. In Turkic folklore wells are mysterious doors or gates to other worlds.

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