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Chess Titans
A component of Microsoft Windows
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Included with Windows Vista and Windows 7 (excluding Home Basic and Starter editions)
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Chess Titans is a 3D chess game[1] developed by Oberon Games and included in Windows Vista and Windows 7 Home Premium, Business/Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. It is a fully animated, photorealistic interactive game with ten difficulty levels. It can be played by two participants, or one player against the computer.

Chess Titans was removed in Windows 8, although it can be downloaded from a number of third party websites.


The game was publicly introduced in Windows Vista build 5219.[2]

An older version of the game was known simply as Chess and was bundled in Microsoft Entertainment Pack 4.[3]


The game is fully animated and designed for Windows Aero with its glass-like view. The game features a photorealistic board which can be rotated in 3D,[4] and themes are available for the chess pieces and board. It showcases the 3D capabilities of Vista.[5]


The game can be played with either a mouse and a keyboard or any gamepad controller for Windows. It can also be played through Windows Media Center, using the remote control provided with TV Tuner Cards, and certain laptops as well.

On each player's turn, Chess Titans displays the last move made by the opponent. The player can also click on a chess piece to highlight all valid moves for that piece. These features can be turned off in the Options dialog box.

Player vs. computer[edit]

Chess Titans has ten difficulty levels, which can be selected from the Options dialog box. The player can also choose whether to play as black or white. When playing against the computer for the first time, the player is prompted to choose an initial difficulty level of Beginner (level 2), Intermediate (level 5), or Advanced (level 8).[6][7]

Chess Titans keeps a record of how many games the player has won, drawn, and lost against the computer at each difficulty level.

Player vs. player[edit]

In a two-player game, the chess board automatically turns 180 degrees for the opposite player after each move. This option can be turned off. Chess Titans saves all two-player game scores.