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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Hawk and Dove Vol.3 #21 (February 1991)
In-story information
Supporting character of Malice Vundabar

Chessure is a fictional creature in the DC Universe. It is the monstrous pet/bodyguard of Malice Vundabar, youngest member of the Female Furies.[1] The name "Chessure" is an apparent reference to the Cheshire Cat.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Chessure is only seen in deep shadows or darkness. It has glowing eyes and a huge, fanged, grinning mouth. It is unknown what the rest of the creature's body looks like; it may not even have one. Chessure is sometimes shown as a vague hulking silhouette several times larger than a grown man. Presumably, like its mistress, it hails from the world of Apokolips, but its origin has yet to be explained.

Often, Malice will pretend to be a little girl in distress, in order to lure a victim close enough for Chessure to devour him or her. This seems to nourish (or cause great pleasure) for both Chessure and Malice.


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