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Chester Aaron (born May 9, 1923[1]) is an American writer.

Early life and education[edit]

He was born in Butler, Pennsylvania to Albert and Celia (Charleson) Aaron.

He attended the following schools:


In addition to his writing, he has worked as a steel worker, an X-ray technician, a college professor, and a garlic farmer.


For young adults:

  • Better than Laughter, Harcourt (New York, NY), 1972.
  • An American Ghost, illustrations by David Lemon, Harcourt (New York, NY), 1973, reprinted Zumaya Publications. 2011.
  • Hello to Bodega, Atheneum (New York, NY), 1976.
  • Better than Laughter, illustrations by Willi Glasauer, Beltz & Gelberg (Weinheim, Germany), 1976.
  • Spill, Atheneum (New York, NY), 1978.
  • Catch Calico!, Dutton (New York, NY), 1979.
  • Gideon, Lippincott (Philadelphia, PA), 1982.
  • Duchess, Lippincott (Philadelphia, PA), 1982.
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Lippincott (Philadelphia, PA), 1985.
  • Lackawanna, Lippincott (Philadelphia, PA), 1986.
  • Alex, Who Won His War, Walker (New York, NY), 1991.
  • Home to the Sea, Brown Barn Books, 2008.
  • Willa's Poppy, Zumaya Publications, 2005.

For adults:

  • The Cowbank, produced at University of California, Berkeley, 1955.
  • About Us (novel) (autobiographical novel), McGraw (New York, NY), 1967, reprinted, Zumaya Publications. 2012.
  • Garlic Is Life: A Memoir with Recipes, Ten Speed Press (Berkeley, CA), 1996.
  • The Great Garlic Book, Ten Speed Press (Berkeley, CA), 1997.
  • Black and Blue Jew: A Novel, Creative Arts, 2002.
  • Garlic Kisses, Mostly Garlic Magazine, 2001, reprinted Zumaya Publications, 2004.
  • Whispers, Zumaya Publications, 2004.
  • Symptoms of Terminal Passion, El Leon Literary Arts, 2006.
  • Murder by Metaphor, Zumaya Publications, 2009.
  • About Them, El Literary Arts-Manoa Books, 2011.
  • 25 Loves, Andrea Young Arts, 2009.


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