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SEPTA.svg Chestnut Hill East
SEPTA Regional Rail
Chestnut Hill East Station.jpg
The Chestnut Hill East station as seen in October 2012. The station depot, constructed by the Reading Company, is visible on the left.
Location 102-04 Bethlehem Pike at Chestnut Hill Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Coordinates 40°04′52″N 75°12′28″W / 40.0810°N 75.2079°W / 40.0810; -75.2079Coordinates: 40°04′52″N 75°12′28″W / 40.0810°N 75.2079°W / 40.0810; -75.2079
Owned by SEPTA
Platforms 1 side platform, 1 island platform
Tracks 6
  Chestnut Hill West Line 2 Blocks West of Station
City Bus SEPTA City Bus: L
Suburban Bus SEPTA Suburban Bus: 94, 134
Parking 104 Spaces
Other information
Fare zone 2
Opened 1872
Rebuilt 1931
Electrified 1933
Preceding station   SEPTA.svg SEPTA   Following station
Chestnut Hill East Line Terminus

Chestnut Hill East station is a SEPTA Regional Rail station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Located at 102–04 Bethlehem Pike at Chestnut Hill Avenue, it serves the Chestnut Hill East Line. The current station building was built in 1931 by the Reading Railroad,[1] as a replacement for an earlier station that existed between 1872 and 1930.[2]

The station is in zone 2 on the Chestnut Hill East Line, on former Reading Railroad tracks, and is 10.8 track miles from Suburban Station. In 2013, this station saw 433 boardings and 479 alightings on an average weekday. [3] Chestnut Hill East is often confused with Chestnut Hill West, which is a SEPTA station a few minutes away from Chestnut Hill East's location. Boarding statistics, however, show greater usage of this line than of the Chestnut Hill West Line by Chestnut Hill residents.

Prior to rebuilding and electrification circa 1931, the stub terminal had three short passenger car tracks serviced by two platforms, a small engine terminal with a turntable, five-stall roundhouse and water tank, plus a few freight tracks serving storage buildings and a coal and lumber business. [4]


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