Chesty Morgan

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This article is about the actress and dancer. For Swedish band, see Chesty Morgan (band).
Chesty Morgan
Deadly weapons poster 01.jpg
Morgan in poster for Deadly Weapons (1974)
Born 1936/1937 (age 77–78)
Other names Zsa Zsa, Chesty Gaborr
Height 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)[citation needed]
Spouse(s) Joseph Wilczkowski (1950s–1965); Dick Stello (1974–1979)

Chesty Morgan, also known by the name Lillian Stello,[1] is a Polish-born,[2] American,[3] retired exotic dancer of Jewish descent who also starred in two films directed by Doris Wishman.[4] Morgan was billed as having a 73-inch bust measurement.[1]


Unlike many of the modern adult entertainment stars with large breasts, Morgan's were not augmented with implants. According to the 1988 edition of Guinness Movie Facts & Feats, her bust measurement is the largest on record for a film star.[5]

Morgan began her career as an exotic dancer in the early 1970s; her last performance as an exotic dancer was in Houston on the first night of the Persian Gulf War in 1991.[1]

She starred in two Doris Wishman films: Deadly Weapons and Double Agent 73. She was also filmed by Federico Fellini as Barbarina in Fellini's Casanova, but her scenes were cut.[1] Clips from Doris Wishman's two 1970s sexploitation films, based around Morgan's very large breasts, were featured in John Waters' 1994 film, Serial Mom. Waters also wrote a role for Morgan in his never-made feature Flamingos Forever.[citation needed]

Personal life[edit]

Though she was also known, as stated above, by the name Lillian Stello, Chesty Morgan's real name remained unknown as of late May of 2014. As a young girl growing up near Warsaw, Poland, she was orphaned when her parents were killed by the Nazis after the invasion of Poland. Sent to Israel, she lived in a series of orphanages before ending up in a kibbutz,[1] Ein Gev.[citation needed]

She married an American and moved to New York in the 1960s; he was killed in a Brooklyn robbery in 1965, when she was 27 and her two daughters were 4 years old and 4 months old.[1][3] In 1974,[citation needed] Morgan married National League baseball umpire Dick Stello. The two divorced in 1979, but remained friends.[1]

As of 2009, Morgan had retired and was living in Florida.[1]


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