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Chet is a masculine given name, often a nickname for Chester, which means fortress or camp. It is an uncommon name of English origin, and originated as a surname to identify people from the city of Chester, England. Chet was ranked 1,027th in popularity for males of all ages in a sample of the 1990 US Census.[1]

People named Chet include:

  • Chet Allen (actor, 1939-1984) (1939–1984), child opera and choir performer
  • Chet Allen (actor, 1928-2011) (1929–2011), American actor
  • Chester Chet Atkins (1924–2001), American country guitarist and record producer
  • Chesney Chet Baker (1929–1988), American jazz musician and vocalist
  • Chet Brooks (born 1966), American former National Football League player
  • Chester Chet Bulger (1917–2009), American National Football League player
  • Chester Chet Culver (born 1966), former Governor of Iowa
  • Thomas Chester Chet Edwards (born 1951), American politician
  • Fulvio Chester Chet Forte (1935–1996), American sports television director and basketball player
  • Chester Chet Gardner (1898–1939), American race car driver
  • Chester Chet Gladchuk (1917–1967), National Football League and Canadian Football League player
  • Donald Chester Chet Grant (1892–1985), American basketball and football player, football and All-American Girls Professional Baseball League coach and sports editor
  • Chet Hanulak (born 1933), American former National Football League player
  • Chester E. Holifield (1903–1995), American politician
  • Chester Chet Huntley (1911–1974), American television newscaster
  • Chester Chet Jastremski (1941–2014), American swimmer
  • Chester Chet Jaworski (1916–2003), American college basketball player
  • Chester Chet Lemon (born 1955), American retired Major League Baseball player
  • Chet Miksza (1930–1975), Canadian Football League player
  • Chet Moeller (born 1953), American college football player
  • Chester Chet Mutryn (1921–1995), All-America Football Conference and the National Football League player
  • Chester Chet Nichols, Sr. (1897–1982), Major League Baseball pitcher
  • Chester Chet Nichols, Jr. (1931–1995), Major League Baseball pitcher, son of the above
  • Chester Chet Ostrowski (1930–2001), American National Football League player
  • Chet Raymo (born 1936), American writer, educator and naturalist
  • Chester Chet Walker (born 1940), American National Basketball Association player
  • Chester Chet A. Wynne (1898–1967), American football player and college head coach


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