Chet Faliszek

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Chet Faliszek
Born 1965
United States
Nationality American
Occupation Video game writer
Employer Valve Corporation

Chet Faliszek (born 1965) is an American videogame writer and one of the main writers for the Valve Corporation, along with Erik Wolpaw and Marc Laidlaw. He has worked together with his co-writers in order to create the storylines for the Half-Life and Portal series, along with having personally written the story for Left 4 Dead.[1][2] Faliszek was also the creator of the Old Man Murray website with Wolpaw, which was shut down in 2002.[3]


Year Title Credits
2013 Dota 2 Writer
2012 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Writer
2011 Portal 2 Writer
2009 Left 4 Dead 2 Writer
2008 Left 4 Dead Writer
2007 Half-Life 2: Episode Two Writer
2007 Portal Writer
2006 Half-Life 2: Episode One Writer


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