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The Chet Ton Dynasty (Thai: เชื้อเจ็ดตน; RTGSChuea Chet Ton; Thai pronunciation: [tɕʰɯ́a.tɕèt.ton], Northern Thai pronunciation: [tɕɯ́a.tɕĕt.tǒn]; meaning "the dynasty of the seven lords"), also spelled Jedton, or officially Thipchak Dynasty (Thai: ราชวงศ์ทิพย์จักร) is a dynasty that ruled 3 northern states of Siam. Consist of Chiang Mai the largest, Lampang and Lamphun.


The Royal cemetery of the Chet Ton Dynasty at Wat Suan Dok, Chiang Mai.

It was established towards the end of the reign of King Thai Sa of Ayutthaya by Thipchang of Nan, a mahout and woodsman who was appointed ruler of Lampang City for good military deeds. Afterwards his grandson, urged by King Kavila, helped restore southern Lanna with the help of the royal army of King Taksin the Great of Thonburi.

The Chet Ton dynasty is noted for having formed ties with other older Lannanese dynasties such as the Mangrai and Chiengsaen dynasties of which King Mangrai the Great and Phya Ngammuang were respective members thereby incorporating them into the dynasty through marriage.

Moreover, many female members of the Chet Ton Dynasty intermarried with members of the Chakri Dynasty; two such worth noting are Princess Sri Anocha, sister of King Kawila of Chiang Mai and wife of Maha Sura Singhanat who was the younger brother and right hand of the first monarch of the Chakri Dynasty of Siam, and Princess Dara Rasmi, daughter of King Inthawichayanon of Chiang Mai and one of the princess consorts of Chulalongkorn, King Rama V of Siam. It is held that such a bond between the two dynasties, forged since the dawn of the Bangkok Era, proved to help ease the transition of Lanna into the lands of Siam proper.

Seven lords of Thipchak[edit]

  1. Kawila (กาวิละ), 3rd Ruler of Lampang and 1st Ruler of Chiangmai
  2. Khamsom (คำสม), 4th Ruler of Lampang
  3. Thammalangka (ธัมลังกา), 2nd Ruler of Chiangmai
  4. Duangthip (ดวงทิพย์), 5th Ruler of Lampang
  5. Moolah (หมูหล้า), Viceroy of Lampang
  6. Khamfan (คำฟั่น), 1st Ruler of Lamphun and 3rd Ruler of Chiangmai
  7. Boonma (บุญมา), 2nd Ruler of Lamphun


The seal of the Chet Ton Dynasty is the representative seal for those who attach the royal suffix na Lampang to their surnames, passed down since before the reforms of traditional land division were imposed. The seal shows a white cockerel standing on a crystal pedestal surrounded by flowers of various kinds. This seal is likely still preserved in that of Lord Subhadra Bhubanija Charoenkula Viratana Kasem na Lampang.


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