Chetyre Paltsa

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Chetyre Paltsa
Четыре Пальца
Chetyre Paltsa is located in Magadan Oblast
Chetyre Paltsa
Chetyre Paltsa
Coordinates: 61°45′N 159°24′E / 61.750°N 159.400°E / 61.750; 159.400
Country Russian Federation
Federal subject Far Eastern Federal District
Oblast Magadan Oblast

Chetyre Paltsa (Russian: Остров Четыре Пальца) is a small island in the northern shores of the Gizhigin Bay, Sea of Okhotsk. It is located 7 km west of the coast of the Varkhalamskiy Peninsula.[1][2]


Chetyre Paltsa is 800 m long and has a maximum width of 600 m. The town of Evensk is located in the neighboring bay to the NW.

Administratively Chetyre Paltsa belongs to the Magadan Oblast of the Russian Federation.[3]


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