Cheung Siu-fai

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Cheung Siu-fai
Born (1963-02-04) 4 February 1963 (age 56)
Years active1982-present
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese張兆輝
Simplified Chinese张兆辉

Cheung Siu-fai (Chinese: 張兆輝; pinyin: Zhāng Zhàohuī; Jyutping: zoeng1 siu6 fai1; born 4 February 1963), also known as Eddie Cheung, is a Hong Kong actor. He is best known for his many supporting or everyman roles similar to Liu Kai-chi.


Year Title Role Notes
1989 Hearts No Flowers
1990 Fatal Passion
1993 Double or Nothing TV-movie
The Bare-Footed Kid Magistrate Yuan Tien-Yu a.k.a. The Barefoot Kid
a.k.a. Young Hero
1996 Deadly Showdown Ju Tin-long TV-movie
2000 Spicy Aces
2001 The Bird of Prey Lee Gwok-gei TV-movie
2003 Running on Karma Captain Chung a.k.a. An Intelligent Muscle Man
2004 Breaking News Supt. Eric Yeung
Throw Down Boss Savage
2005 The Unusual Youth Kwok Sir
Election Mr. So
The House Ray / Officer Wai
2006 McDull, the Alumni Financial controller
2 Become 1 Penny's husband
Election 2 Mr. So a.k.a. Election 2: Harmony Is a Virtue
a.k.a. Triad Election
Dog Bite Dog Chief Inspector Sum
Fatal Contact Ma Ho-keung
Exiled Jeff
Wise Guys Never Die Dragon
2007 The Closet Ngok Fung (Frank)
Kidnap Sgt. Ho Chi a.k.a. Chain Game
Eye in the Sky Senior Insp. Chan
Beauty and the 7 Beasts Tony
Brothers Fruit stall keeper
Mad Detective One of Chi-Wai's personalities
2008 Fatal Move Law Ting-fat
Connected Detective Cheung
2009 Gao Xing Wei Da
A Very Short Life Dennis Law
The First 7th Night Chan Keung a.k.a. Who is Him?
a.k.a. False Memory
a.k.a. 1st 7 Day
Murderer Ghost
Vengeance Wolf a.k.a. Revenge
Poker King Fei
2010 Bad Blood Andy
Illusion Apartment
All About Love Robert
Bruce Lee, My Brother Cho Tat-wah
2011 The Detective 2 Leung Wai-yip
The Loan Shark
Life Without Principle
2013 Drug War Su
Out of Inferno Shun
The Constable
Firestorm truck driver
2014 Golden Chicken 3 Brother Siu Fai
The Monkey King Li Jing
Z Storm Yu Hung-sing
Twilight Online Sir Gu
2015 Blackhat Chow
The Strange House
Office Suen Keung
2016 Three Dr. Fok
Sky on Fire
2017 The Big Call Inspector Tan
2019 Dynasty Warriors Chen Gong
Theory of Ambitions

Television series[edit]

Year Title Role Notes
1982 Hong Kong '82
Soldier of Fortune student
Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils
1983 My Way
The Bold Ones
1985 Hong Kong '85 Cheung Cheung
1986 Siblings of Vice and Virtue Lau Jing-fai
The Upheaval
The Turbulent Decade Tin Wing-tai
1987 The Seasons Ho Jan-kwok
Love in a Decadent City Gung Kai-gwong
The Making of a Gentleman
1988 Withered in the Wind Duen Yuk-yin
Fate Cast of the Wind
The Saga of the Lost Kingdom Yip Yun
The Undercover Story Pun Gai-dang
Battle in the Royale Court Chu Kei-yuk
1989 The Reincarnated of Wai
Everybody Loves Somebody
1990 The Enforcer's Experience Yu Hon-chun
The Self Within
Where I Belong Hau Sai-git
The Hunter’s Prey Chu Gwan-yu
An Elite's Choice Dun Wong
1991 A Tale of One City Tut Sing-lung
Be My Guest Tze Dik-man
The Black Sabre Yip Hoi
1992 Beyond Love Lee Sou-dai
1993 Being Honest Ou Ping-tan
The Heroes From Shaolin Hung Tai
The Hero From Shanghai Ngok Jan
All About Tin Kuk Yan
1994 The Emperor and I Kin Lung
1995 Plain Love Gwan Tin-yam
Detective Investigation Files II Wong Tze-tou
1996 Dark Tales III Mou Sing-yau
Cold Blood Warm Heart Chan Fei-hong
Ancient Heroes Lee Sai-man
Food of Love Ching Seung-lai
1997 The Hitman Chronicles Yung Jing
Against the Blade of Honour Lau Yeuk-chung
I Can't Accept Corruption Lim Tze-gong
1998 ICAC Investigators 1998 Ko Jin-fai
1999 The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain Tin Kwai-nung
Detective Investigation Files IV Lok Wai-gei
Unnatural Born Killer Yeung Wan-ching
Ultra Protection Fu Jing-git
Road to Eternity Tong Tai-jung
2000 The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber Yeung Siu Warehoused and later broadcast in 2001
Armed Reaction II Yeung Gwong-jiu
2001 Seven Sisters Chou Jan-cheung
2002 Love is Beautiful emperor
Police Station No. 7 Yip Ka-sing Warehoused and later broadcast in 2004
Lofty Waters Verdant Bow Lee Ying
2011-2012 Til Love Do Us Lie Suen Ga-on
2013 Sniper Standoff Ko Chun-kin
2016 Come With Me Mok Tai-hung
2017 The No No Girl Chong Fu-ho
Fighter of the Destiny
2018 Flying Tiger Lei Zhuofeng
2020 Count Your Lucky Stars

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