Cheung Tsing Bridge

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Route 3

Cheung Tsing Bridge
Part of Route 3
Route information
Maintained by Highways Department
Length 0.5 km (0.3 mi)
History Built 1997
Major junctions
East end Tsing Yi
West end Ha Kwai Chung
Highway system
Hong Kong Strategic Route and Exit Number System
Cheung Tsing Bridge
Rambler Channel with three bridges.jpg
Cheung Tsing Bridge is on the left
Traditional Chinese 長青橋
Simplified Chinese 长青桥
Rambler Channel Bridge
Traditional Chinese 藍巴勒海峽大橋
Simplified Chinese 蓝巴勒海峡大桥
Cheung Tsing Bridge, side view

Cheung Tsing Bridge, formerly Rambler Channel Bridge, is a bridge crossing Rambler Channel in Hong Kong, connecting Cheung Tsing Tunnel on Tsing Yi Island and Kwai Chung section of Tsing Kwai Highway. It is part of Tsing Kwai Highway of Route 3.

The bridge was later[when?] given the name Cheung Tsing because of its proximity to Cheung Ching Estate and Cheung Tsing Tunnel.

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Preceded by
Tsing Kwai Highway
Hong Kong Route 3
HK Route3.svg
Cheung Tsing Bridge
Succeeded by
Cheung Tsing Tunnel

Coordinates: 22°20′58″N 114°6′48.4″E / 22.34944°N 114.113444°E / 22.34944; 114.113444