Chevron House

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Chevron House
Caltex House, Jan 06.JPG
Former names Caltex House
General information
Status Complete
Type Commercial offices
Architectural style Modernism
Location 30 Raffles Place
Downtown Core, Singapore
Coordinates 1°17′03″N 103°51′07″E / 1.2843°N 103.851955°E / 1.2843; 103.851955Coordinates: 1°17′03″N 103°51′07″E / 1.2843°N 103.851955°E / 1.2843; 103.851955
Owner Savu Properties Pte Ltd
Roof 151 m (495 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 33
3 below ground
Design and construction
Architect Murphy/Jahn, Inc. Architects, Architects 61

Chevron House, formerly called Caltex House, is a high-rise skyscraper located in the central business district of Singapore. It is located on 30 Raffles Place, in the financial district of Raffles Place. The building is near several buildings and landmarks, such as Singapore Land Tower, Hitachi Tower, Change Alley[4] and The Arcade, all of which are less than 100 metres (110 yd) away.[5] The development has direct underground access to Raffles Place MRT Station. Hitachi Tower, a nearby neighbour of Chevron House, shares a four-level retail podium with the building.

Chevron House has a total of 33 floors, excluding 3 basement levels,[6] and it rises 152.0 metres (498.7 ft) above ground. The international headquarters of Caltex is situated in the building.[7]


Chevron House was designed by Murphy/Jahn, Inc. Architects and Architects 61, and was completed in 1993, just one year after its next-door neighbour, Hitachi Tower. The other firms involved in the development are CapitaLand Commercial Limited, Savu Investments Private Limited, CapitaLand, Obayashi Gumi Corporation, Sendai Eversendai Engineering Group, Steen Consultants Private Limited, PCR Engineers Private Limited, Chevalier Group, PCR Engineers Private Limited, Rider Hunt Levett & Bailey, and Toshiba Elevator and Building Systems Corporation.

Goldman Sachs acquisition[edit]

In September 2007, a Goldman Sachs-linked fund bought Chevron House, at a price of S$730 million. This equates to $2,780 per square foot ($29,924/m²) of net lettable area. This is Goldman Sachs' second major acquisition of an office property in Singapore.[8] It will allow CapitaLand to have a profit of about $150.8 million from the sale of its stake.[9]

Before the sale, Chevron House was owned by several companies. CapitaLand, IP Property Fund Asia and NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative had a stake of 50 per cent, 25 per cent and 25 per cent respectively.[8] A few months later, its neighbour Hitachi Tower was also bought by Goldman Sachs.


Chevron House models the late-modernist architectural style, and is similar to that of Springleaf Tower and Hitachi Tower. It is mainly built out of aluminium, glass and steel. A distinctive glass rotunda and four-storey high portico is located at the entrance of the building. The rotunda motif is expressed on the roof, capped by radial sunshading louvres. This strong feature that distincts the building from other skyscrapers in Raffles Place.[10]


Major tenants of Chevron House includes Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness occupies 17,000 square feet (1,600 m2) of space in the building. It is primarily used as a gym, and has a mezzanine interior with large windows.[11]

Caltex House street view 
Chevron House atrium 
Chevron House (bottom left) 

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