Chew Chew Baby

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Chew Chew Baby
Noveltoon series
Directed by Isadore Sparber
Thomas Johnson
Produced by Isadore Sparber
Seymour Kneitel
(both uncredited)
Story by Irv Spector
Voices by Jack Mercer
Jackson Beck
(both uncredited)
Music by Winston Sharples
Animation by Frank Endres
Al Eugster (uncredited)
Backgrounds by Scenics:
Robert Owen
Studio Famous Studios
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) August 15, 1958
Running time 7 minutes
Language English

Chew Chew Baby is a Noveltoon made by Famous Studios for release in 1958. It was directed by Isadore Sparber from a story by Irving Spector. Jackson Beck and Jack Mercer provide uncredited voices. Cannibalism is the theme of this film, in which seven characters are attacked (six get swallowed) by a pygmy after he tracks a tourist to Cincinnati.

This cartoon was syndicated to television several years after it was released to theaters. It appeared on children's programs until protests about its violence induced station managers to keep it off the air. It has since achieved cult classic status.

This film shows a strong Tex Avery influence, and copies Avery's blood transfusion gag from Crazy Mixed Up Pup.

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