Chez le père Lathuille

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Edouard Manet 031.jpg

Chez le père Lathuille (At the Père Lathuille Restaurant) is an 1879 oil on canvas painting by Édouard Manet, now in the Musée des Beaux-Arts Tournai. He painted it just before his death and signed it "Manet, 1879". In the background is the proprietor - Manet also painted a portrait of his daughter.

Père Lathuille's cabaret and later restaurant was sited in the Batignolles quarter, on the site now occupied by a cinema at 7 Avenue de Clichy, just after the Barrière de Clichy so as to escape Parisian wine taxes. During the defence of Paris on 30 March 1814 marshal Bon-Adrien Jeannot de Moncey had used it as his command post. Just before the enemy arrived, Père Lathuille had handed out free drinks to the soldiers, saying "Drink, my friends, drink for free - don't leave a single bottle of my wine in the casks".