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Chhannulal Mishra
Chhannulal Mishra.jpg
Live performance in Pune on 17 July 2009
Background information
Born (1936-08-03) 3 August 1936 (age 82)
OriginHariharpur, Azamgarh district, Uttar Pradesh, India
GenresHindustani classical music, Thumri
Years active1960–present

Pandit Chhannulal Mishra (born 3 August 1936) is a Hindustani classical singer from Banaras, a noted exponent of the Kirana gharana (school)[1][2][3] of the Hindustani classical music and especially the Khayal and the 'Purab Ang' – Thumri.

He has been awarded the 'Shiromani Award' of Sur Singar Sansad, Bombay; Uttar Pradesh Sangeet Natak Akademi Award; Naushad Award of U.P. Govt; Yash Bharti Award of U.P Government[4] and the Bihar Sangeet Shiromani Award.[5][6] He was awarded the Padma Bhushan, India's third highest civilian honour, on 25 January 2010.[7]


Mishra was born on 3 August 1936 in Hariharpur, Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh, in the home of Badri Prasad Mishra. His grandfather, "Gudai Maharaj" Shamta Prasad, was a noted tabla player.[8]

He first learnt music with his father, Badri Prasad Mishra, and was then was educated by 'Ustad Abdul Ghani Khan' of the Kirana gharana.[9] He was trained thereafter by Thakur Jaidev Singh.[citation needed]


Audio releases[edit]

  • Anjali (Hindi: अंजलि, literally Offering) – Audio CD with 10 tracks which include four Stutis, two Shlokas, two Chalisas, one Stotra and one Vandana dedicated to various aspects of Shakti – Durga, Mahakali, Kali, Saraswati, Vindhyeshwari, Sitala, Ganga, Bhavani.
  • Echoes of Benaras Volume 3 – Audio CD with three Thumris, one Sawani and one Chaiti.
  • Holi Ke Rang – Tesu Ke Phool (Hindi: होली के रंग – टेसू के फूल, literally The colours of Holi, the flowers of Tesu) – Audio CD with eight songs on Holi, seven describing the Holi of Radha and Krishna and one describing the Holi of Parvati and Shiva .
  • Kabir (Hindi: कबीर) – A set of two audio CDs with 12 Bhajans authored by Kabir, a middle-age mystic from Benares.
  • Krishna Madhav (Hindi: कृष्ण माधव) – A set of two audio CDs with 12 Bhajans dedicated to Krishna.
  • Purvaiya – Chaiti (Hindi: पुरवइया – चैती, literally From the Orient – Songs of Chaitra) – Audio CD with nine songs of the Chaiti genre which are traditionally sung in the Hindu month of Chaitra (March–April) which falls during spring.
  • Purvaiya – Kajari (Hindi: पुरवइया – कजरी, literally From the Orient – Songs of Rain) – Audio CD with eight songs of the Kajari genre which are traditionally sung during the rainy season.
  • Rama Raga (Hindi: राम राग, literally The Raga of Rama) – Audio CD with a one-hour rendition of the three words Raja (King), Rama and Raga in various Ragas.
  • Tulsidas – Ramcharitmanas (Hindi: तुलसीदास – रामचरितमानस) – Audio CD with five excerpts from the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas in different Ragas.
  • Shiv Vivah (Hindi: शिव विवाह, literally The marriage of Shiva) – Audio CD with the marriage of Parvati and Shiva from the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas sung in eleven different Ragas, along with four Bhajans dedicated to Shiva.
  • Spirit Of Benares – Audio CD with two Khayals, two Thumris and two Dadaras.
  • Krishna – From The Heart Of Benaras – Audio CD with nine songs dedicated to Krishna.
  • Sundar Kand (Hindi: सुन्दरकाण्ड) – A set of four audio CDs with the entire Sundar Kand of the Ramcharitmanas of Tulsidas sung in different Ragas, along with two Bhajans dedicated to Hanuman.
  • Music from the living room - Pt Channulal Mishra
  • Makar Records MAKCD027 The Lyrical Tradition of Khyal 8 - Pandit Channulal Mishra.

Bollywood Song[edit]


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