Chhe To Chhe

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Chhe To Chhe
Chhe To Chhe Coverpage.jpeg
Coverpage of Chhe To Chhe
AuthorBhavesh Bhatt
Cover artistKiran Thakar
GenreGhazal anthology
Publisherself published
Publication date
May 2008
Media typePrint
AwardsShayda Award (2014)
Followed byBhitarno Shankhanaad 

Chhe To Chhe (Gujarati: છે તો છે) is the first Gujarati language ghazal anthology book by the poet Bhavesh Bhatt. It was published in May 2008 and was followed by his 2014 work, Bhitarno Shankhanaad.[1]


The title of the book translates to "because it is so". The book consists of forty-eight ghazals and eight maqtas. Most of the ghazals in the book are composed in the Arabic meters "Khafif", "Ramal", "Mutdarik", and "Mutkarib".[2]

The preface of the book was written by Indu Puwar and Chinu Modi.


Bhavesh Bhatt received the Shayda Award, and the Ravji Patel Award in 2014 for Chhe To Chhe and his other work, Bhitarno Shankhanaad. The title ghazal, printed on the seventh page, "Chhidra valu vahan chhe to chhe", and the first ghazal, "Chinta karvani me chhodi" (Gujarati: ચિંતા કરવાની મેં છોડી / English: I quit worrying ) ,are popular recitation selections at mushairas.[2]


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