Chhera Island

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Chhera Dwip

Chhera island (Bengali: ছেঁড়া দ্বীপ, Chhera Dwip), also called Cheradia Island or Cheridia Island, is an extension of St. Martin's Island but divided by sea during tides. During low tide period, the Chhera island can be reached by walking for about two and a half hours from St. Martin's Island. Most popular medium is by local motorboat or tourist boat. Corals can be found all over the island. Island's has a beautiful small bush area which is also the only green region of it. No permanent settlement is established except for tourists.[1]

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Coordinates: 20°34′51″N 92°20′14″E / 20.5808°N 92.3372°E / 20.5808; 92.3372