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Chhokar (also known as Chhaunker, Chhoker, Chhonker ) is a clan found among Rajputs,[citation needed] Jats,[1] Gujjars[2] and Sikhs,[citation needed] all of which are ethnic groups traditionally found mainly in India.


The Goddess of Chonkar Rajput’s is Chandi Kailadevi and God is Raja Parikshit (Son of Lord Krishna). Chonkar Rajput’s were originally from village Karauli of Rajasthan but due to spend their livelihood they spread at most of the parts of India, like Punjab and Haryana, Uttar Pradesh specially nearby Districts of Agra, Khujra, Aligarh, Jewar and Bulandshahr,etc. I heard from the Jagga (The official Record Keeper of Rajput families) that all Chonker Rajputs are original from Karauli.

I, Manojkumar Son of Shri Bikrampalsingh Rajput, am originally from Uttar Pradesh but migrated from Uttar Pradesh to Gujarat due to service of my father in Armed force. Now, we are permanently settled in Gujarat and working in one of the reputed Chemical industry as Manager – Legal.