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Chota Shakeel (Shakeel Babumiya Shaikh; Urdu: چھوٹا شکیل) is a key aide and lefthand of Dawood Ibrahim, the leader of the D-Company, one of the biggest mafia in South Asian organized crime. Initially Shakeel ran a dubious travel agency in Dongri, Mumbai. He was one of the early members in the D-Company along with Iqbal Mirchi, Philu Khan and Lambu Shakeel. He joined Dawood in Dubai in 1988. In those days, Sharad Shetty managed the match fixing, betting and hawala deals for Dawood while Chhota Rajan managed the gang's criminal activities in Mumbai. After the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts and the Dawood-Chhota Rajan split, Chhota Shakeel took over the day to day operations of the D-Company. He was a mentor to Abu Salem and entrusted him the responsibility of Bollywood film financing and acquiring overseas film rights. Later they had a fallout and Abu Salem branched out on his own.

In September 2000, Shakeel admitted to having planned an attack on Chhota Rajan.[1] In 2001, he accepted his involvement in financing Hindi films in an interview to India Today magazine.

He has openly pledged to assassinate Chhota Rajan, another leading figure in Ibrahim's network who lived in Indonesia until his arrest and extradition to India in November 2015.[2]


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