Chi Ming Palace

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Chi Ming Palace
Lotus Lake 4, Kaohsiung, Dec 06.JPG
General information
LocationZuoying, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Chi Ming Palace (Chinese: 啟明堂; pinyin: Qǐmíng Táng) is a palace located on Lotus Lake in Zuoying District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Also called Southeast of Dili Que hall, Chi Ming palace is the most spectacular temple by Lotus Lake. Located in the west and facing the east. In 1628, Qing army occupied Taiwan, to promote Confucianism, culture and education; hence, magistrate Yang Fang Sheng had set up “Confucian Temple” at Zuoying and built “Minglun hall” at left side. In addition to there are military and political center in Zuoying, it took up the heavy responsibility to pass down. Early, Japan occupied Taiwan; Japanese customs had been spread to Taiwan, led to our culture, folklore and religion had been limited. It made people very worry. The ancestors of Chi Ming palace who built it, Xie Zhi Weng and Chen Wang Weng, constructed “Ming De Hall” and worshiped “Five Male Bodhisattva” for main god under God’s will by tossing divination blocks. Henceforward, the ancestors who built palace dedicated painstakingly for Chi Ming palace; moreover, they looked forward to maintaining Confucian orthodoxy and retrieved upcoming decadent culture. The palace was rebuilt in 1973 as a three-story, palace-style, and grand architecture. It is mainly worship the two sages, Confucius and Lord Guan.[1]


The palace is accessible within walking distance north of Zuoying Station of Taiwan Railways Administration.

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