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Chiang Sheng
邵康生 (Chiu Kang Sang)

(1951-04-27)April 27, 1951
DiedAugust 18, 1991(1991-08-18) (aged 40)
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese江生
Musical career
Also known asCutie Pie

Chiang Sheng was a martial art actor, one of the Venom Mob, renowned for their acrobatic and martial arts skills. He joined the Chang Cheh's Cohorts as an actor, and also worked with Chang Cheh as an assistant director and choreographer. Along with Alexander Fu Sheng, Chiang Sheng was one of the Chang Cheh's favorites.[1][2]


Chiang Sheng was born in Taiwan in 1951. His family was too large and his parents could not take care of all the children, therefore he was sent to the Fu Sheng Opera School in Taipei, Taiwan. Chiang Sheng met his lifelong friends like Lu Feng, Kuo Chui and Robert Tai in the school.
He was a boy of vivid and somewhat mischievous nature and eventually was expelled from school for smoking in the principal's office. But he had learned enough to start working as a stuntman.

In the mid 70's the renowned Shaw Brothers Studio's director Chang Cheh went to Taiwan looking for new talents. He met Chiang Sheng, Kuo Chui and Lu Feng there. In the 1976 those three together with Lo Mang took part in their pre-starting movie Shaolin Temple (not to be confused with the movie with the same title released in 1982 starring Jet Li). Two years later, in 1978, Chang Cheh presented the film Five Venoms, starring Chiang Sheng, Kuo Chui, Lu Feng, Lo Mang, Sun Chien and Wei Pai. All of them were still newcomers in HK movie industry, Chang Cheh didn't include any great stars of the time in the cast, introducing new faces to the audience and the new formula of martial art movies - in this and subsequent movies not only one hero fights well, but any person of the main cast has his own style and great ability to fight.

The movie had a great success in Hong Kong and also in the West. Since then the first five actors are known as "Venoms". (Wei Pai played The Snake, but he is referred as "sixth venom" because he took part only in a few subsequent "venom" movies, while Chiang Sheng became an integral part of the troupe. He played a disciple learning all five styles and referred as the "hybrid venom" [3])
The team continued with the formula. Chiang Sheng, Kuo Chui and Lu Feng, all with Chinese opera background, became action directors for Chang Cheh's movies. Soon Chiang Sheng also started working as an assistant director. The cast, including the Five venoms, and also Wong Lik, Yu Tai-Ping, Johnny Wang, Ku Feng, sometimes together with Alexander Fu Sheng, Ti Lung and others, appeared in more than a dozen films. Among them there are "kung fu classic" like Crippled Avengers, Shaolin Rescuers, Legend of the Fox, The Rebel Intruders, filled with great martial art performance and wuxia entourage. Chiang Sheng could not only enrich the movie with breathtaking acrobatic exercise, but also bring the comic relief to it.[4]

The Venom mob disbanded in 1981. Three of them – Kuo Chui, Chiang Sheng and Lu Feng – founded a new production company in Taiwan. Chiang Sheng acted and choreographed the action scenes in their debut film Ninja in the Deadly Trap (a.k.a. Ruthless Tactics)

Soon, Kuo Chui went back to Hong Kong and wanted Chiang Sheng to go with him, but Chiang Sheng's wife insisted on his staying in Tawan. Chiang Sheng could not get a worthwhile job in Taiwan, and later divorced his wife. He sank into depression and became a hard drinker.

In August 1991, an old friend of Chiang Sheng, Ricky Cheng Tien Chi, came to see him, but found him dead; he had been lying there for three days. He died from a heart attack, though Kuo Chui said "it was more of a broken heart".[5]


Title, year Role
Wild Tiger (1973)
a.k.a. Kung Fu Revenger
Fury in Storm (1974) extra
Bruce Takes Dragon Town (1974)
a.k.a. Dare You Touch Me?
The Guy!! The Guy!! (1974) extra
Traitorous (1976) extra
The Hand of Death (1976)
a.k.a. Grandmaster of Death
a.k.a. Strike of Death
The Shaolin Avengers (1976)
a.k.a. Incredible Kung Fu Brothers
Shaolin Temple (1976)
a.k.a. Death Chambers
New Shaolin Boxers (1976)
a.k.a. Demon Fist of Kung Fu
a.k.a. Grandmaster of Death
The Condemned (1976) extra
Chinese Connection 2 (1977)
a.k.a. Fist of Fury 2
The Naval Commandos (1977)
a.k.a. Navy Descentors
The Brave Archer (1977)
a.k.a. Kung Fu Warlord
Chinatown Kid (1977) actor
Magnificent Wanderers (1977)
a.k.a. Magnificent Kung Fu Warriors
Shaolin Monk (1977) actor
The Brave Archer 2 (1978)
a.k.a. Kung Fu Warlord 2
actor, assistant director
Invincible Shaolin (1978)
a.k.a. Unbeatable Dragon
actor, assistant director
Crippled Avengers (1978)
a.k.a. Avengers Handicapped
actor, assistant director, action director
The Five Venoms (1978) actor, assistant director
Life Gamble (1979)
a.k.a. Life Combat
actor, assistant director
Ten Tigers of Kwantung (1979) actor, assistant director, action director
The Magnificent Ruffians (1979)
a.k.a. The Destroyers
actor, assistant director, action director
Kid with the Golden Arm (1979) actor, assistant director, action director
Shaolin Rescuers (1979)
a.k.a. Avenging Warriors of Shaolin
actor, assistant director, action director
The Daredevils (1979)
a.k.a. Shaolin Daredevils
actor, assistant director, action director
Heaven and Hell (1980)
a.k.a. Shaolin Hell Gate
actor, assistant director
Legend of the Fox (1980) actor, assistant director, action director
The Rebel Intruders (1980)
a.k.a. Killer Army
actor, assistant director, action director
Two Champions of Shaolin (1980) actor, assistant director, action director
War of the Shaolin Temple (1980)
a.k.a. Monks Go Crazy
The Flag of Iron (1980)
a.k.a. Spearmen of Death
actor, assistant director, action director
Masked Avengers (1981) actor, assistant director, action director
The Brave Archer 3 (1981)
a.k.a. Blast of the Iron Palm
actor, assistant director, action director
Imperial Sword, Crouching Devil (1981) actor, action director
The Thrilling Sword (1981)
a.k.a. Heaven Sword
actor, action director
Ninja in the Deadly Trap (1981)
a.k.a. Hero Defeating Japs
a.k.a. Ruthless Tactics
director, actor
Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1981) actor, assistant director, action director
The Brave Archer and His Mate (1982)
a.k.a. Mysterious Island
actor, assistant director, action director
Ode to Gallantry (1982) actor, assistant director, action director
Ninja Kids (1982) actor
House of Traps (1982) actor, assistant director, action director
Raiders (1982) actor
Sword with the Windbell (1983)
a.k.a. Warriors from Shaolin
Attack of the Joyful Goddess (1983)
a.k.a. The Ghost
director, actor, action director
Five Fighters from Shaolin (1984)
a.k.a. Possession of Ghost
Shanghai 13 (1984)
a.k.a. All the Professionals
actor, assistant director, action director
Fight Among the Supers (1984) actor
The Demons (1984)
a.k.a. The Nine Demons
executive director, actor, action director
Exciting Dragon (1985)
a.k.a. Drunken Dragon
Ninja in USA (1985) actor
Ode to Gallantry (1985) actor
Vampire Kid II (1988) actor
The Legend of the Condor Heroes (1988) actor

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