Chiaroscuro Records

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Chiaroscuro Records
Parent company WVIA Public Media
Founded 1970 (1970)
Founder Hank O'Neal
Genre Jazz
Country of origin U.S.
Location New York City
Official website

Chiaroscuro Records is a jazz record company and label founded by Hank O'Neal in 1970.[1] The label's name comes from the art term that describes the use of light and dark in a painting. O'Neal got the name from his friend and mentor Eddie Condon, a jazz musician who played in what were called Chiaroscuro Concerts in the 1930s.[2] O'Neal also got the name from a store that sold only black and white dresses.[3]

O'Neal ran the label from 1969–1977 and produced all but two of the albums. Its catalogue included Earl Hines, Joe Venuti, Teddy Wilson, and Ruby Braff.[4][5]

O'Neal sold the label to Audiophile Enterprises in 1978,[4][5] then bought back the catalogue when he started SOS Productions in 1987. Chiaroscuro released new discs and reissues through the 1990s.[4]



  • CR101 Earl Hines: Quintessential Recording Session (1970)
  • CR109 Dick Wellstood: From Ragtime On*CR110 Eddie Condon: Live at the New School (1973)
  • CR111 Teddy Wilson: With Billie in Mind
  • CR112 Dill Jones: Davenport Blues
  • CR113 Eddie Condon: Town Hall Concerts, Vol. 2 (reissue of material from 1944 concerts)
  • CR117 Ruby Braff & Ellis Larkins: The Grand Reunion
  • CR118 Earl Hines & Jonah Jones: Back on the Street
  • CR119 Dave McKenna: Solo Piano
  • CR120 Earl Hines: Quintessential Continued
  • CR121 The Ruby Braff-George Barnes Quartet
  • CR123 Buddy Tate and his Buddies (1973)
  • CR124 Wild Bill Davison at the Rainbow Room
  • CR125 Borah Bergman: Discovery (1975)
  • CR126 The Ruby Braff-George Barnes Quartet: Live at the New School (1974)
  • CR127 Don Ewell: Take it in Stride
  • CR128 Joe Venuti & Zoot Sims: Joe & Zoot (1974)
  • CR132 Buck Clayton Jam Session
  • CR133 Jess Stacy: Jess Stacy Still Swings (1974)
  • CR134 Joe Venuti Blue Four (1974)
  • CR136 Dave McKenna Quartet Featuring Zoot Sims
  • CR138 Bobby Hackett: Live at the Roosevelt Grill
  • CR139 Dick Wellstood: Live at the Cookery
  • CR141 Tarika Blue: The Blue Path (1976)
  • CR142 Joe Venuti And Zoot Sims (1975)
  • CR143 Buck Clayton Jam Session
  • CR144 John Bunch Plays Kurt Weill
  • CR145 Joe Venuti & Earl Hines: Hot Sonatas
  • CR146 Mary Lou Williams: Live at the Cookery
  • CR147 Joe Turner: King of Stride
  • CR149 Lou Stein: Tribute to Tatum
  • CR150 Teddy Wilson and his All Stars (1976)
  • CR152 Buck Clayton Jam Session, Vol. 3: Jazz Party Time
  • CR153 Joe Venuti: Hooray for Joe!
  • CR154 Eddie Condon: In Japan (1964)
  • CR155 Gerry Mulligan: Idol Gossip (1977)
  • CR158 Borah Bergman: Bursts of Joy (1976)
  • CR159 Willie "The Lion" Smith: Relaxin'
  • CR160 Dave McKenna, Joe Venuti: Alone at the palace
  • CR161 Bobby Hackett: Live at the Roosevelt Grill
  • CR162 Dick Hyman: Fats Waller's Heavenly Jive (1977)
  • CR163 Buck Clayton Jam Session, Vol. 4: Jay Hawk
  • CR164 Tarika Blue: Tarika Blue
  • CR165 Buddy Tate Meets Dollar Brand (Buddy Tate, Dollar Brand, Cecil McBee, Roy Brooks, 1977)
  • CR166 Lee Konitz: The Lee Konitz Quintet
  • CR167 Eddie Condon: Live at Eddie Condon's
  • CR168 Teddy Wilson Revamps Rodgers & Hart
  • CR169 Earl Hines Quartet
  • CR170 Jazz Piano Masters: Teddy Wilson, Claude Hopkins, Dill Jones, Eubie Blake (1972)
  • CR171 Bob Wilber and the Scott Hamilton Quintet
  • CD172: Six By Six: Synthesis
  • CR173 Lou Stein & Ray McKinley: Stompin' 'Em Down (1977)
  • CR174 John Eaton: It Seems Like Old Times (1977)
  • CR175 Dave McKenna: Fingers (1977)
  • CD176: Max Kaminsky: When Summer is Gone
  • CR177 Jess Stacy: Still Swingin'
  • CR178 Soprano Summit: Crazy Rhythm
  • CR186 Lee Konitz: Lee Konitz Nonet
  • CR188 Milt Hinton, Bobby Rosengarden and Hank Jones: The Trio
  • CR199 Kenny Davern & Flip Phillips: John & Joe
  • CR200 Earl Hines in New Orleans (1977)
  • CR202 Dave McKenna (1977)
  • CR203 Ruby Braff & Woody Herman: It Had to Be Us
  • CR209 Adam Makowicz: A Handful of Stars (1981)
  • CR2003 Louis Armstrong and the Dukes of Dixieland: Great Alternatives
  • CR2004 Dollar Brand: Cape Town Fringe
  • CR2007 Eddie Locke: Jivin' with the Refugees from Hastings Street
  • CR2028 Ted Curson: Snake Johnson
  • CR2029 Dexter Gordon: Jive Fernando
  • CR2037 Eddie Harris: Exploration (1983)


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