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This article is about the TRA & Alishan Forest Railway Chiayi Station. For high-speed rail station, see THSR Chiayi Station.
Taiwan Railways Administration
TRA ChiaYi Station.jpg
Chiayi Station front
Location West District, Chiayi City, Taiwan
Operated by
Distance 291.8 km from Keelung
Connections Bus stop
Structure type At-Grade
Other information
Classification 一等站 (Taiwan Railways Administration level)
Opened April 20, 1902
Passengers 21,306 daily (2014)[1]
A Chiayi Station platform for trains on the Alishan Forest Railway.

Chiayi Station (Chinese: 嘉義車站; pinyin: Jiāyì Chēzhàn; Wade–Giles: Chia1-i4 Ch'e1-chan4) is a railway station located in West District, Chiayi City, Taiwan, which serves Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) Western Line and the Alishan Forest Railway Main Line (Alishan Line).


The station was firstly constructed in 1896 and opened on 20 April 1902 with service on the Western Line. The station was a single-story wooden structure with Japanese style with slant roof and rain-shield walls. The rail line connected to the station roughly divides Chiayi City into two regions. The region located in front of the station prospered as the city business district, while the region located behind the station was scarcely developed. Service to the Alishan Forest Railway began in 1912 from the station. The station was renovated in June 1933 to its current structure.[2]


The at-grade station has one island platform and one side platform.

It is a steel concrete structure with classical symmetry design, simple gables, geometric totems and streamlined modern design. The platform roofs of the railway station were constructed with the railway tracks.

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