Chiboust cream

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Chiboust cream
Alternative names Crème chiboust
Type Custard
Place of origin France
Main ingredients crème pâtissière, whipped cream or egg whites
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Crème chiboust is a crème pâtissière (pastry cream) lightened with stiffly beaten egg whites. Though occasionally using whipped cream to lighten it, this is traditionally a millefeuille cream.

Crème chiboust can be flavoured with vanilla, orange zest, or liqueurs. Mixed with fruit, it becomes crème plombières.

It was supposedly created and developed by the pastry Chef M. Chiboust of the pastry shop that was located on the Paris street Rue Saint-Honoré.[citation needed]

If gelatin is bloomed and incorporated to the chiboust or plombieres, it can be used as a Bavarian. The chiboust or the plombieres can also double as soufflé filling, as long as egg whites are the base; the mix will "puff up" and provide a creamy soufflé.

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