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Chicago-style politics was a political meme used in the rhetoric of conservative United States Republican politicians and commentators during the presidential campaigns and presidency of Barack Obama to associate Obama with aspects of political corruption, including bribery, patronage, nepotism, and authoritarianism, in the political history of Chicago, Obama's home town,


The phrase "Chicago-style politics" originated before May 2008.[1] The term was employed by conservative Republican politicians and pundits to characterize a supposedly offensive “tough, take-no-prisoners approach to politics”.[2][3] The Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-Ohio) during a weekly press briefing, stated that: "Chicago-style politics is shutting the American people out and demonizing their opponents".[4] "'Chicago-style politics' is mainly just a way for him [ 2008 Republic presidential primary candidate Mitt Romney] to call Obama corrupt without coming out and saying so", according to Jacob Weisberg of Slate.[5][6][7] "'Chicago-style politics'...seems to have become a generic insult for just about any politics one disagrees with", wrote Chicago-based political consultant and columnist Don Rose in Politico.[8]

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