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Jump to: navigation, search is Chicago, Illinois' online resource for the city's gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. The website features a free popular matchmaker, photo galleries, advice columns, breaking news affecting the community, and the largest database of the Midwest's LGBT events.

How started[edit]

Originating in 1996, the web site was created to provide news and information about the annual Chicago Pride Parade, which is held the last Sunday of June in Chicago, Illinois and is organized by PrideChicago.

In 2003, merged two other city websites, and, to form the current version of the web site.

Since its inception, the web site began serving Boystown, Chicago in the city's Lakeview neighborhood and has quickly grown to a portal which now serves all of the surrounding gay and lesbian population in the nation's third largest market. currently has over 60 columnists and reporters.

Making a Difference[edit] sponsors approximately one-hundred events, chartities and benefits throughout the Chicago community every year.

In 2006,Bill Pritchard, joined and functions as the Executive Director of the Make a Difference [1] program which raises awareness to the everyday "Make a Difference Moments." These "moments" encourage others to make a difference in the lives of others; which has helped to raise money for cancer research, anti-illegal drug prevention and various Red Cross campaigns.

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