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Chicago Access Network Television
OwnerChicago Access Corporation
CableChannels 19, 21, 27, 36, 42

Chicago Access Network Television (CAN TV) is a public, educational, and government access (PEG) cable television service in Chicago, Illinois. The organization is funded by cable companies as part of their cable franchise agreements with the City of Chicago.[1] The companies are also required by law to carry the network's five channels.[2]


In 1983, the Chicago Access Corporation (CAC) was established by the City of Chicago as an independent nonprofit tasked with managing the public access channels in Chicago.[3]


CAN TV operates five cable television channels in Chicago. They are available on AT&T, Comcast, RCN, and WOW:

  • CAN TV19: Public Affairs, entertainment, documentary and arts
  • CAN TV21: Live, call-in Hotline shows, community events and arts coverage
  • CAN TV27: 24/7 local news and information
  • CAN TV36: Religious and inspirational programming
  • CAN TV42: Interactive community bulletin board with blues and jazz from WDCB-FM[4]


Any Chicago nonprofit or resident can submit noncommercial content to CAN TV for free, and over 10,000 new, local programs are shown on the network every year.[5] Submitted videos include independent productions and programs made using equipment and facilities provided by CAN TV.

Groups who produce programs using CAN TV's publicly accessible studio and equipment represent a wide range of communities, including seniors,[6] attorneys,[7] and people with disabilities.[8]

Chicago-based nonprofits also host live call-in shows from a dedicated studio at CAN TV. These programs are shown live on cable television in Chicago and online, with topics including youth media training,[9] neighborhood development,[10] and domestic violence.[11]

CAN TV also provides unedited coverage of community events in Chicago, offering live coverage of some events on cable television and online. Past coverage includes public forums,[12] political events like protests and hearings,[13] and arts events.[14]

Programs produced by CAN TV include:

Past community-produced programs on CAN TV include:

Independent programming carried on CAN TV includes:

Training and Equipment Access[edit]

Chicago residents can choose from a wide range of classes at CAN TV to gain the skills needed to make a video. After becoming members, residents then get access to the equipment they trained to use, including digital cameras, edit suites, and a TV studio.[18]


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