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The Chicago Electrical Trauma Research Institute (CETRI), located in Chicago, Illinois, was founded in 2009 by a group of physicians working from a collection of Chicago hospitals and universities.

Mission and History[edit]

CETRI's mission is to promote recovery of individuals affected by electric injury while simultaneously advancing the research on electric shock. Its practitioners have been caring for electrical shock survivors for over 20 years and have reported many of the leading advances in the diagnosis and treatment of electrical injury.[citation needed]

CETRI was originally an Electrical Trauma Program which worked out of the University of Chicago. In 2009, CETRI separated from its University affiliates to become a stand-alone not-for-profit organization. Since that time, CETRI has served as a centralized administration to its many resources. CETRI is currently the only organization of its kind in the United States.[citation needed]

CETRI is a medical research facility that provides care to patients who have persistent neuromuscular problems after they have completed care in a medical facility. Patients seek CETRI for number of conditions related to electrical injury including, chronic pain, and traumatic neuropsychiatric and cognitive abnormalities as well as the more common PTSD. Many people also come to CETRI because of their specialization in occupational rehabilitation, stress, pain management, and cognitive impairment.

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