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The Chicago Urban League, established in 1916 in Chicago, Illinois, is an affiliate of the National Urban League that develops programs and partnerships and engages in advocacy to address the need for employment, entrepreneurship, affordable housing and quality education. The League was established by an interracial group of community leaders as a resettlement organization assisting African-American migrants arriving in Chicago from the rural South. Barbara A. Lumpkin was appointed Interim President and CEO of the Chicago Urban League in June 2018.


Still Separate ..., published in 2005, found that Chicago had the fifth most racially segregated residential metropolitan area in the United States.[1]

  • The Vicious Circle: Race, Prison, Jobs and Community in Chicago, Illinois and the Nation (Chicago Urban League, 2002)[2]
  • Still Separate, Unequal, Race: Place and Policy in Chicago (Chicago Urban League, 2005)[1]



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