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Chicago developed a hardcore punk scene in the early 1980s. Chicago Hardcore is now characterized by fast, hardcore punk rock with familiar sounds to Boston, New York, and Los Angeles hardcore. Chicago Hardcore was, and still is, characterized by fast punk beats, angry protest lyrics, and melodic singing instead of. In addition, the Chicago hardcore sound is considered one of the pioneering sound in the creation of post-hardcore music.

Naked Raygun, Big Black, and the Effigies were popular at the emerging of the hardcore scene. These acts have also been seen as important to the development of the post-hardcore genre,[1] as well as for fusing the hardcore sound with influences from the late 1970s and early 1980s British post-punk scene [1][2] This continues to influence current Chicago punk bands such as Rise Against and (early)Fall Out Boy.

In recent years, the scene has had a wave of heavy, down-tuned hardcore bands come into the national and international of the best was from the north side of Chicago named all is lost putting out 7 and singles in japan Harm's Way, No Zodiac, and Weekend Nachos hail from Chicago. Harm's Way is signed to Deathwish Inc.,[3] and has toured with Backtrack, Expire, and Suburban Scum.[4] Weekend Nachos, with their powerviolence sound, has been signed to Relapse Records.[5]

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