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The Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame, located in the Hawthorne Race Course,[1] in Stickney/Cicero, near Chicago, Illinois, honors sports greats associated with the greater Chicago area.[2] It was founded in 1979 as a trailer owned by the Olympia Brewing Company parked at Soldier Field in Chicago. The Chicago Park District took over the exhibits in 1983. From 1988 the exhibits were displayed in Mike Ditka's restaurant until the restaurant closed in 1991. The Hall of Fame moved to the Maryville Academy in Des Plaines in 1996 and has operated under the guidance of Father John P. Smyth since that time.[3] As of 2008, it was operating at Hawthorne.

Directors include Smyth, former Chicago Park District Superintendent Ed Kelly, DePaul University Athletic Director Jean Lenti-Ponsetto, and former Chicago Bears tight end Emery Moorehead.

The honorees include high-school athletes, such as Babe Baranowski who quarterbacked the 1937 Leo Catholic High School team in the Prep Bowl football game in Soldier Field, viewed by a record 120,000 spectators,[4] high-school coaches, college athletes from as far away as the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Notre Dame, as well as professional and Olympic athletes associated with Chicago. Their sports include everything from baseball, basketball, football, and hockey to bowling, fishing, golf, and horse racing. Two special awards, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Ray Meyer Coach of the Year Award may honor non-Chicagoans.[5]


Name Sport Position Chicago team Other major team
Adamle, MikeMike Adamle Football Running back Northwestern, Bears Chiefs
Adams, RayRay Adams Basketball DePaul
Adams, PaulPaul Adams Principal Providence-St. Mel
Albrecht, TedTed Albrecht Football Offensive lineman Bears
Ali, MuhammadMuhammad Ali Boxing
Allen, DickDick Allen Baseball Outfield
First Base
Third Base
White Sox Phillies
Angsman, ElmerElmer Angsman Football Running back Mt. Carmel HS
Notre Dame
Aparicio, LuisLuis Aparicio Baseball Shortstop Sox Orioles, Red Sox
Appling, LukeLuke Appling Baseball Shortstop White Sox
Armstrong, OtisOtis Armstrong Football Running back Farragut HS
Purdue U.
Denver Broncos
Arroyo, EddieEddie Arroyo Horse racing Jockey
Atkins, DougDoug Atkins Football Defensive End Bears Browns, Saints
Banaszek, CasCas Banaszek[6] Football Offensive lineman Northwestern 49ers
Banks, ErnieErnie Banks Baseball Shortstop
First Base
Baranowski, BabeBabe Baranowski Football Quarterback Leo HS
Barone, TonyTony Barone[6] Basketball Coach Mt. Carmel (Coach) Memphis Grizzlies
Barry, NormanNorman Barry Football Coach Cardinals
Beckert, GlennGlenn Beckert Baseball Second Base Cubs Padres
Bell, TaylorTaylor Bell Writer Daily News, Sun-Times
Bemoras, IrvIrv Bemoras Basketball Guard, Forward Marshall HS
U. of Illinois
Bentley, BenBen Bentley Boxing Promoter Host, The Sportswriters on TV
Bertuca, TonyTony Bertuca Football Linebacker St. Patrick HS Colts
Berwanger, JayJay Berwanger Football Running back U. of Chicago
Bettis, TomTom Bettis Football Linebacker Purdue University
Bidwill, CharlesCharles Bidwill Football Owner
Bidwill, StormyStormy Bidwill Football Owner Cardinals
Blair, BonnieBonnie Blair Olympics Speed skating Champaign Centennial HS
Blanda, GeorgeGeorge Blanda Football Quarterback
Bears Raiders, Oilers
Boudreau, LouLou Boudreau Baseball
Shortstop Thornton HS
U. of Illinois
Cleveland Indians
Brennan, TerryTerry Brennan Football Running back
Notre Dame
Brettschneider, CarlCarl Brettschneider Football Linebacker Cardinals Lions
Brickhouse, JackJack Brickhouse Broadcaster Cubs, Sox, WGN
Brown, JimJim Brown[7] Basketball Coach DuSable HS
Brown, CharlieCharlie Brown Basketball DuSable HS
Brundage, AveryAvery Brundage Olympics Track, official U. of Illinois
Bruno, DougDoug Bruno Basketball Coach DePaul (W)
Loyola (M)
Hustle (W)
Buckner, QuinnQuinn Buckner Basketball Guard Thornridge HS Indiana U
Bucks, Celtics
Buffone, DougDoug Buffone Football Linebacker Bears
Bulger, ChetChet Bulger Football Offensive line Cardinals Lions
Bull, RonnieRonnie Bull Football Running back Bears Eagles
Burke, AnneAnne Burke[8] Special Olympics Official
Butkus, DickDick Butkus[9] Football Linebacker
Vocational HS
U. of Illinois
Butz, DaveDave Butz Football
Offensive lineman Maine South HS
Purdue U.
Byrdsong, RickyRicky Byrdsong Basketball Coach Northwestern Iowa State
Calihan, BobBob Calihan[10] Basketball American Gears U. of Detroit
Campbell, BillBill Campbell Baseball Pitcher Cubs Red Sox
Canadeo, TonyTony Canadeo Football Quarterback
Running back
Caray, HarryHarry Caray Baseball Broadcaster Cubs, Sox Cardinals
Carey, TomTom Carey Horse racing President Hawthorne Race Course
Carl, HowieHowie Carl Basketball Guard Von Steuben HS
Chicago Packers
Carmichael, JohnJohn Carmichael Writer Chicago Daily News
Caroline, J.C.J.C. Caroline Football Running Back
Defensive Back
U. of Illinois
Casares, RickRick Casares Football Fullback Bears Redskins
Cavarretta, PhilPhil Cavarretta Baseball First Base Cubs
Schumacher-Cawley, KatieKatie Schumacher-Cawley[9] Volleyball Coach UIC Penn State
Chance, FrankFrank Chance Baseball First Base
Orphans/Cubs Yankees
Christman, PaulPaul Christman Football Running back
Cardinals Packers
Clancy, JimJim Clancy[6] Baseball Pitcher St. Rita HS Blue Jays, Astros
Clifton, NateNate Clifton Basketball
Center, Forward
First Base
Chicago Majors
American Giants
Knicks, Globetrotters
Colangelo, JerryJerry Colangelo Basketball
Bloom HS
U. of Illinois
Diamondbacks, Suns
Comiskey, GraceGrace Comiskey Baseball Owner Sox
Charles Comiskey, II Baseball Owner Sox
Comiskey, CharlesCharles Comiskey Baseball Owner Sox
Condon, DaveDave Condon Writer Tribune
Conley, MikeMike Conley[6] Olympics Track Luther South HS
Connor, GeorgeGeorge Connor Football Lineman
De La Salle HS
Notre Dame
Corzine, DaveDave Corzine Basketball Forward Hersey HS
Covert, JimJim Covert Football Offensive Lineman Bears
Cronin, A.L. WhiteyA.L. Whitey Cronin Politician
Cummings, TerryTerry Cummings Basketball Forward Carver HS, DePaul Bucks, Spurs
Custer, RudyRudy Custer[11] Football Business Manager Bears
Czarobski, ZygmontZygmont Czarobski Football Lineman Notre Dame
Chicago Rockets
Chicago Hornets
Daley, Richard M.Richard M. Daley Politics Mayor City of Chicago De La Salle HS
Damore, JohnJohn Damore Football Offensive lineman Northwestern
Davidson, MaxMax Davidson Tennis
Dawson, AndreAndre Dawson[9] Baseball Outfield Cubs Expos
Day, PatPat Day Horse Racing Jockey
DeCorrevont, BillBill DeCorrevont Football Running Back
Defensive Back
Austin HS
Delany, JimJim Delany Big Ten

U. of North Carolina
Dent, RichardRichard Dent Football Defensive End Bears
Ditka, MikeMike Ditka Football Tight End
Bears Cowboys
Doby, LarryLarry Doby Baseball Outfield Sox Indians
Donovan, BillyBilly Donovan Basketball Coach U. of Florida, OKC Thunder
Douglass, BobbyBobby Douglass Football Quarterback Bears Saints, Packers
Driscoll, PaddyPaddy Driscoll Football

Quarterback, Kicker

Duchossois, Richard L.Richard L. Duchossois Horse Racing Executive Arlington Park Churchill Downs
Duerson, DaveDave Duerson Football Safety Notre Dame
Dykes, JimmyJimmy Dykes Baseball Second Base
Third Base
Sox Athletics
Egan, JohnJohn Egan Basketball Guard Loyola
Ellis, BoBo Ellis Basketball Forward Parker HS Marquette, Nuggets
Elson, BobBob Elson Broadcaster Sox
Emrich, ClydeClyde Emrich Olympics Weightlifting
Enright, JamesJames Enright Baseball

Chicago's American

Sporting News
Esposito, TonyTony Esposito Hockey Goalie Black Hawks Canadiens
Etten, NickNick Etten Baseball St. Rita HS Phillies, Yankees
Evans, ChickChick Evans Golf Northwestern
Evers, JohnnyJohnny Evers Baseball Second Base Cubs Braves
Farmer, EdEd Farmer Baseball Pitcher St. Rita HS
Feldman, DaveDave Feldman Horse Racing Chicago's American, Daily News, Sun-Times
Fellmeth, CatherineCatherine Fellmeth[12] Bowling
Fencik, GaryGary Fencik Football Defensive Back Barrington HS
Fendley, JakeJake Fendley Basketball Guard South Shore HS
Ferguson, RonRon Ferguson Basketball Coach Thornridge HS Bradley U. AD
Finger, ShermanSherman Finger[13] Golf
Finley, CharleyCharley Finley Baseball Owner Athletics
Fires, EarlieEarlie Fires[6] Horse Racing Jockey
Fischer, BillBill Fischer Football Offensive Line Notre Dame
Fischer, LeoLeo Fischer Writer Chicago's American
Fitzgerald, JohnJohn Fitzgerald Olympics Modern pentathlete
Flaherty, LeeLee Flaherty Founder Chicago Marathon
Foley, TimTim Foley Football Defensive Back Loyola Academy
Purdue U.
Foley, PatPat Foley Hockey Broadcaster Blackhawks
Fox, NellieNellie Fox Baseball Second Base Sox Athletics
Frank, ClintonClinton Frank Football Quarterback Yale
Frantz, ArtArt Frantz Baseball Umpire American League
Fromhart, WallyWally Fromhart Football Quarterback, Kicker
Notre Dame
Mt. Carmel HS
U. of Detroit
Gallarneau, HughHugh Gallarneau Football Running Back Bears Stanford
Galvin, EdEd Galvin Basketball Coach St. Rita HS
Fenwick HS
Galvin, JohnnyJohnny Galvin[14] Football Quarterback Leo HS
Gaters, DorothyDorothy Gaters[15] Basketball Coach Marshall HS
Gay, BillBill Gay[16] Football Defensive Back Notre Dame
Geiger, KenKen Geiger Football Scout Bears
George, BillBill George Football Linebacker Bears Rams
Georgeff, PhilPhil Georgeff Horse Racing Announcer
Gibron, AbeAbe Gibron Football Lineman
Bears Browns
Gillespie, GordieGordie Gillespie Football

DePaul, Joliet Catholic HS, Lewis U
Gleason, BillBill Gleason Writer Sun-Times
Gleason, JoeJoe Gleason Football Leo, De La Salle, Mendel
Notre Dame
Goldberg, MarshallMarshall Goldberg Football Running Back Cardinals
Grabowski, JimJim Grabowski Football Fullback U. of Illinois
Graham, OttoOtto Graham Football


Rochester Royals
Granato, CammiCammi Granato Olympics Women's
Ice Hockey
Grange, RedRed Grange Football Running Back Wheaton HS
U. of Illinois
Grimm, CharlieCharlie Grimm Baseball First Base
Cubs Pirates
Groom, JerryJerry Groom Football Defensive Lineman Cardinals
Guenther, RonRon Guenther Football Offensive Lineman
Athletic Director
U. of Illinois
Haarlow, BillBill Haarlow[17] Basketball U. of Chicago
Hack, StanStan Hack Baseball Third Base
Hakes, DonDon Hakes[18] Football NFL Referee Bradley U.
Halas , GeorgeGeorge Halas Football
End, Owner
Hale, BobBob Hale[9] Baseball Yankees
Hall, GlennGlenn Hall Hockey Goaltender Black Hawks Red Wings
Halperin, RobertRobert Halperin Olympics Yachting
Hampton, DanDan Hampton Football Defensive End Bears
Hannah, JohnJohn Hannah Football Patriots
Harkness, JerryJerry Harkness Basketball Guard Loyola Knicks
Harley, ChicChic Harley[19] Football Bears Ohio State
Harridge, WillWill Harridge Baseball President American League
Harrington, JohnJohn Harrington  ?
Hart, JimJim Hart[20] Football Quarterback Cardinals
Hartack, BillBill Hartack Horse Racing Jockey
Hartnett, GabbyGabby Hartnett Baseball Catcher
Cubs Giants
Hassin, EllieEllie Hassin  ?
Hawkins, TommyTommy Hawkins Basketball Forward Parker HS
Notre Dame
Hechinger, MichaelMichael Hechinger  ?
Hendricks, TedTed Hendricks[6] Football Raiders
Henry, KenKen Henry Olympics Speed Skating Taft HS, NIU
Herman, BillyBilly Herman Baseball Second Base
Cubs Dodgers
Red Sox
Hicks, TomTom Hicks Football Linebacker Willowbrook HS
U. of Illinois
Hilgenberg, JayJay Hilgenberg Football Center Bears Browns
Hinger, RalphRalph Hinger[21] Basketball Coach Notre Dame HS
Hinton, ChrisChris Hinton Football Offensive Lineman Northwestern Colts
Hoag, CharlieCharlie Hoag Basketball  ?
Hoerster, JohnJohn Hoerster[22] Football Coach Loyola HS
Holm, JoanJoan Holm[23] Bowling
Holtzman, JeromeJerome Holtzman Writer Daily News, Sun-Times, Tribune
Holtzman, KenKen Holtzman Baseball Pitcher Cubs Athletics
Holum, DianneDianne Holum Olympics Speed skating
Hoppe, WillieWillie Hoppe Billiards
Hornacek, JeffJeff Hornacek Basketball Guard Lyons Township HS Suns, Jazz
Hull, BobbyBobby Hull Hockey Left wing Black Hawks Jets
Hull, DennisDennis Hull Hockey Left wing Black Hawks Red Wings
Hundley, RandyRandy Hundley Baseball Catcher Cubs Giants
Ireland, GeorgeGeorge Ireland Basketball  ?
Notre Dame
Ivan, TommyTommy Ivan Hockey Coach, GM Black Hawks Red Wings
Jauss, BillBill Jauss Writer Tribune
Jemsek, JoeJoe Jemsek[24] Golf
Jenkins, FergusonFerguson Jenkins Baseball Pitcher Cubs Rangers
Johnsos, LukeLuke Johnsos Football End
Schurz HS
Jordan, JohnJohn Jordan Basketball Coach Mount Carmel HS
Notre Dame
Kaiser, JackJack Kaiser[25] Baseball Coach Oak Park HS
Kawano, YoshYosh Kawano Baseball Clubhouse manager Cubs
Keane, JimJim Keane Football Receiver Bears Packers
Kelly, BobBob Kelly Baseball Cubs
Kelly, EdEd Kelly Chicago Park District Superintendent Oshkosh All-Stars
Kenn, MikeMike Kenn Football Offensive lineman Falcons
Kennedy, BobBob Kennedy Baseball 3B/OF
Kerr, JohnnyJohnny Kerr Basketball Center

Tilden Tech
U. of Illinois

Kessinger, DonDon Kessinger Baseball Shortstop Cubs Cardinals
Kiefer, AdolphAdolph Kiefer Olympics Swimming
Kinsella, JohnJohn Kinsella Olympics Swimming Hinsdale Central HS
Kladis, NickNick Kladis[26] Basketball

Tilden Tech

Klippstein, JohnJohn Klippstein[27] Baseball Pitcher Cubs Reds
Korab, JerryJerry Korab Hockey Defenseman Black Hawks
Korhonen, GaryGary Korhonen[6][28] Football Coach Richards High School
Koroll, CliffCliff Koroll Hockey Defenseman Black Hawks
Kraft, KenKen Kraft[29] Wrestling Coach Northwestern
Krause, EdEd Krause Basketball
Athletic Director
Notre Dame
Krause, JerryJerry Krause Basketball Executive Bulls Bullets
Krupa, JoeJoe Krupa Football Defensive End Purdue U. Steelers
Krzyzewski, MikeMike Krzyzewski Basketball Coach Weber HS Duke
Kumerow, EricEric Kumerow Football Linebacker Bears
Oak Park-River Forest HS
Kupcinet, IrvIrv Kupcinet Writer Sun-Times
Larmer, SteveSteve Larmer Hockey Right wing Black Hawks Rangers
Landis, Kenesaw MountainKenesaw Mountain Landis Baseball Commissioner
LaPorte, FrankFrank LaPorte Baseball Second Base
Lattner, JohnnyJohnny Lattner Football Running Back Notre Dame
Fenwick HS
Lawless, TonyTony Lawless[30] Football
Fenwick HS
Layden, ElmerElmer Layden Football Running Back
Athletic Director
Notre Dame NFL Commissioner
Lazier, MurneyMurney Lazier[31] Football Coach Evanston HS
Leahy, FrankFrank Leahy Football Coach Notre Dame
Lenti, FrankFrank Lenti[32] Football Coach Mt. Carmel HS
Lenti-Ponsetto, JeanJean Lenti-Ponsetto 4 sports Athletic Director DePaul U.
Les, JimJim Les Basketball Guard
Bradley Kings
Levy, MarvMarv Levy[9] Football Coach South Shore HS Bills
Lick, DennisDennis Lick Football Offensive lineman St. Rita HS
Limas, ArleneArlene Limas[33] Olympics Taekwondo
Lindheimer, BenjaminBenjamin Lindheimer[34] Horse racing

LA Dons
Lindstrom, FredFred Lindstrom Baseball Third Base
Loyola Academy
Lollar, ShermSherm Lollar Baseball Catcher Sox Browns
Lopez, AlAl Lopez Baseball Catcher

Lott, GeorgeGeorge Lott Tennis Player

Loukas, GeorgeGeorge Loukas[20] Football Fullback
Love, BobBob Love Basketball Forward Bulls
Luckman, SidSid Luckman Football Quarterback Bears
Lyne, JerryJerry Lyne Basketball Coach Loyola
Lyons, TedTed Lyons Baseball Pitcher
Magnuson, KeithKeith Magnuson Hockey Defenseman Black Hawks
Malliard, RalphRalph Malliard Football
Coach St. Ignatius
Maloney, FrankFrank Maloney Football Coach

Syracuse U.
Mannos, PetePete Mannos[35] Soccer NIU
March, MushMush March Hockey Right wing Black Hawks
Marek, BillBill Marek Football St. Rita HS
Markbreit, JerryJerry Markbreit[6] Football Referee
Matson, OllieOllie Matson Football Running Back Cardinals
McAfee, GeorgeGeorge McAfee Football Running Back Bears Duke U.
McAuliffe, DonDon McAuliffe Football Michigan St.
McCann, TerryTerry McCann Olympics Wrestling U. of Iowa
McCarren, LarryLarry McCarren Football Center Rich East HS, U. of Illinois Packers
McDermott, IgnatiusIgnatius McDermott[36] Baseball Fan Sox
McDonough, JohnJohn McDonough[9] Hockey Executive Blackhawks
McGrath, FrankFrank McGrath[37] Basketball Coach Weber
McKinnis, WilliamWilliam McKinnis  ?
McMahon, JimJim McMahon Football Quarterback Bears
McMichael, SteveSteve McMichael Football Defensive lineman Bears
Meier, RandyRandy Meier Horse racing Jockey
Melchiorre, GeneGene Melchiorre Basketball Bradley U.
Melton, BillBill Melton Baseball Third Base Sox
Metcalfe, RalphRalph Metcalfe Olympics Track
Meyer, JoeyJoey Meyer Basketball Coach DePaul
Meyer, RayRay Meyer Basketball Coach DePaul
Mikita, StanStan Mikita Hockey Center Black Hawks
Miller, MarleneMarlene Miller Golf Coach Lake Forest HS
Minoso, MinnieMinnie Minoso Baseball Outfield Sox Indians
Monforti, TomTom Monforti[6] DePaul
Moorehead, EmeryEmery Moorehead Football Tight end Bears
Morris, JohnnyJohnny Morris Football Running back Bears
Mottlow, RedRed Mottlow Sportcaster WCFL
Nagurski, BronkoBronko Nagurski Football Running back Bears
Neal, ErnieErnie Neal  ?
Nesterenko, EricEric Nesterenko Hockey Center Black Hawks
Newton, JoeJoe Newton Cross country Coach York HS
Nicholson, BillBill Nicholson Baseball Outfield Cubs Phillies
Nitschke, RayRay Nitschke Football Linebacker Proviso HS, U. of Illinois Packers
Norris, JimJim Norris Hockey
Executive Black Hawks
North, MikeMike North Sportscaster
O'Bradovich, EdEd O'Bradovich Football Defensive end Proviso East HS
U. of Illinois
O'Brien, BernieBernie O'Brien[38] Football Coach Vocational HS
O'Brien, DanDan O'Brien
O'Connell, TommyTommy O'Connell[6] Football Bears Browns
Ogden, BillBill Ogden[39] Golf
O'Hara, TomTom O'Hara Olympics Miler Loyola
O'Keefe, FredFred O'Keefe[40] Football Coach Schurz HS
O'Rourke, BillBill O'Rourke  ?
Osmanski, BillBill Osmanski Football Running Back Bears Holy Cross
O'Toole, JimJim O'Toole[6] Baseball Pitcher Reds
Pafko, AndyAndy Pafko Baseball Outfield Cubs Dodgers, Braves
Palmer, ChuckChuck Palmer Football Coach Fenger HS
Panfil, KenKen Panfil Football Tackle Purdue U.
Parker, FrankFrank Parker Tennis
Parseghian, AraAra Parseghian Football Coach Notre Dame, Northwestern
Pasquesi, TonyTony Pasquesi Football St. Philip
Notre Dame
Paxson, JohnJohn Paxson Basketball Guard
Notre Dame
Payton, WalterWalter Payton Football Running back Bears
Wichgers Pedersen, NancyNancy Wichgers Pedersen[41] Athletic Director Mother McAuley HS
Pezzullo, HarryHarry Pezzullo[42] Golf
Pickens, Robert J.Robert J. Pickens[43] Olympics Wrestling U. of Wisconsin
Pierce, BillyBilly Pierce Baseball Pitcher Sox Tigers, Giants
Pihos, PetePete Pihos Football End Eagles
Pingatore, GeneGene Pingatore[44] Basketball Coach St. Josephs
Pollard, FritzFritz Pollard Football Running Back
Lane Tech HS Akron Pros
Popejoy, KenKen Popejoy[45] Track Miler Michigan State U.
Prasse, ErvErv Prasse[46] Basketball
Prior, MikeMike Prior[9] Football Defensive Back Marian Catholic High School
Illinois State
Packers, Colts
Puckett, KirbyKirby Puckett Baseball Outfield Bradley U.
Triton College
Pulford, BobBob Pulford Hockey Wing

Black Hawks
Maple Leafs
Pyle, MikeMike Pyle Football Lineman Bears
Quinlan, JackJack Quinlan Sportscaster WGN, WIND
Quinn, TomTom Quinn[47] Football Referee Big Ten
Rahal, BobbyBobby Rahal[6] Auto Racing
Reay, BillyBilly Reay Hockey Coach Black Hawks
Reinsdorf, JerryJerry Reinsdorf Baseball
Owner Sox
Rice, JohnJohn Rice Baseball Umpire American League
Rigney, JohnJohn Rigney Baseball Pitcher
General Manager
Rivera, JimJim Rivera Baseball Outfield Sox Browns, Athletics
Rivers, DocDoc Rivers Basketball Guard, Coach Marquette University
Proviso East HS
Celtics, Hawks
Robinson Schwartz, ElizabethElizabeth Robinson Schwartz[48] Olympics Track Thornton HS
Rockne, KnuteKnute Rockne Football Coach Notre Dame
Rogers Kelly, AnnetteAnnette Rogers Kelly Olympics Track Northwestern
Rosasco, NatNat Rosasco[49] Golf
Ross, BarneyBarney Ross Boxer
Rottner, MickeyMickey Rottner[50] Basketball Guard Loyola
Roy, WillieWillie Roy Soccer Coach Sting
Russell, CazzieCazzie Russell Basketball Guard, Forward Carver HS U of Michigan, Knicks
Ryan, EdEd Ryan[9] Football  ?
Rymkus, LouLou Rymkus Football Lineman Tilden Tech
Notre Dame
Saban, LouLou Saban Football Coach Northwestern
Western Illinois
Bills, Broncos
Sachs, LennieLennie Sachs Football

Shurz HS
Salvino, CarmenCarmen Salvino Bowling
Samuels, DaleDale Samuels Football Quarterback Purdue U.
Sandberg, RyneRyne Sandberg Baseball Second Base
Third Base
Sanderson, ScottScott Sanderson Baseball Pitcher Cubs
Expos, Yankees
Santo, RonRon Santo Baseball Third Base Cubs
Saperstein, AbeAbe Saperstein Basketball Coach Globetrotters
Sauer, HankHank Sauer Baseball Outfield Cubs Reds, Cardinals, Giants
Savard, DenisDenis Savard Hockey Center, Coach Blackhawks Canadiens, Lightning
Sayers, GaleGale Sayers[9] Football Running back Bears Univ. of Kansas
Schwall, VicVic Schwall Football Northwestern
Scott King, Barbara AnnBarbara Ann Scott King Olympics Figure Skating
Self, BillBill Self[9] Basketball Coach U. of Illinois U. of Kansas
Seymour, JimJim Seymour Football Wide Receiver Notre Dame
Secord, AlAl Secord Hockey Left wing Black Hawks
Shannon, DanDan Shannon[9][51] Football Linebacker
Tight end
Notre Dame
Shaw, BobBob Shaw Baseball Pitcher Sox
Shay, BillBill Shay[52] Basketball
Coach St. Philip HS
Park District
Sheahan, MichaelMichael Sheahan[53] Football Mendel Catholic
Simanton, MarkMark Simanton[54] Soccer Midfielder New Trier HS
Simanton, MikeMike Simanton  ?
Skoronski, TonyTony Skoronski Horse racing Jockey
Skowron, BillBill Skowron Baseball First Base Weber HS, Sox Yankees
Smith, WilfredWilfred Smith Football Cardinals
Smyth, JohnJohn Smyth[55] Basketball Notre Dame
Sobie, RonRon Sobie[6] Basketball Forward DePaul Knicks
Sprinkle, EdEd Sprinkle Football Offensive lineman Bears
Stagg, Amos AlonzoAmos Alonzo Stagg Football Coach U. of Chicago
Stanfel, DickDick Stanfel[6] Football Coach Bears
Steger, RuckRuck Steger[56] Football U. of Illinois
Stern, LeeLee Stern Soccer Owner Sting
Stingley, DarrylDarryl Stingley Football Running Back
Wide Receiver
Marshall HS
Purdue U.
Stoddard, TimTim Stoddard Basketball
NC State
Stonesifer, DonDon Stonesifer Football Wide Receiver Northwestern
Sullivan, GeneGene Sullivan[57] Basketball Coach Loyola
Sullivan, ThomasThomas Sullivan Track St. George High School
Summerall, PatPat Summerall Football Kicker
Cardinals Giants
Szukala, StanStan Szukala[58] Basketball Bruins
Tallon, DaleDale Tallon Hockey Defenseman
General Manager
Black Hawks Canucks
Teichner, HelmutHelmut Teichner[59] Skiing
Terrell, ErnieErnie Terrell Boxing Heavyweight Promoter
Thayer, TomTom Thayer Football Offensive Lineman Bears
Notre Dame
Joliet Catholic HS
Thillens, MelMel Thillens[9] Baseball Owner Thillens Stadium
Tierney, JackJack Tierney  ?
Tinker, JoeJoe Tinker Baseball Shortstop Cubs
Tomczak, MikeMike Tomczak Football Quarterback TF North HS, Bears
Tonelli, MarioMario Tonelli[60] Football Notre Dame
Trager, DavidDavid Trager Basketball Owner Packers
Trippi, CharleyCharley Trippi Football Running back Cardinals
Triptow, DickDick Triptow Basketball Guard, Forward Lane Tech HS
DePaul University
American Gears
Turner, ClydeClyde Turner Football Center
Tyler, DanielleDanielle Tyler Olympics Softball
Ulrich, CharlieCharlie Ulrich Football Tackle U. of Illinois
Vainisi, JerryJerry Vainisi[61] Football General Manager Bears Lions
Van Lier, NormNorm Van Lier Basketball Guard Bulls Royals
Van Horne, KeithKeith Van Horne[9] Football Offensive lineman Bears
Varnes, BlairBlair Varnes Basketball Coach St.Pats HS
Veeck, BillBill Veeck Jr. Baseball
Horse racing
Owner, Executive Sox Browns
Veeck, Sr., WilliamWilliam Veeck, Sr. Baseball Executive Cubs
Venturi, KenKen Venturi Golf
Voigts, BobBob Voigts[62] Football Tackle
Wagner, MikeMike Wagner Football Defensive Back Western Illinois U. Steelers
Walker, ChetChet Walker Basketball Forward Bradley U.
Walton, LloydLloyd Walton Basketball Guard Mount Carmel HS Marquette, Bucks
Ward, ArchArch Ward Writer Tribune
Ward, PetePete Ward Baseball Third Base Sox Orioles, Yankees
Stepan Wehman, MarileeMarilee Stepan Wehman[63] Olympics Swimming
Weiler, RichRich Weiler Basketball Referee
Wendell, MartyMarty Wendell[64] Football Offensive lineman Notre Dame
Weissmuller, JohnnyJohnny Weissmuller Olympics Swimming
Wessell, RichardRichard Wessell Publisher
White, JesseJesse White Basketball

Waller HS
JW Tumbling
White, WillyeWillye White Olympics Track
Williams, BillyBilly Williams Baseball Outfield Cubs Athletics
Wilson, BertBert Wilson Broadcaster WGN, Cubs
Wilson, DougDoug Wilson Hockey Defenseman Black Hawks Sharks
Wilson, GeorgeGeorge Wilson Basketball Center Marshall High School
1964 Olympics, Royals,
SuperSonics, Suns, 76ers, Braves
Wilson, HackHack Wilson Baseball Outfield Cubs
Wirtz, ArthurArthur Wirtz Hockey
Owner Black Hawks
Red Wings
Wirtz, William W.William W. Wirtz Hockey Owner Black Hawks
Witry, JoeJoe Witry[65] Baseball
Wood, WilburWilbur Wood Baseball Pitcher Sox Braves
Wright, FrankFrank Wright  ?
Wrigley, Philip K.Philip K. Wrigley Baseball Owner Cubs
Wynn, EarlyEarly Wynn Baseball Pitcher Sox Indians, Senators
Young, BuddyBuddy Young Football Running back U. of Illinois Colts
Zale, TonyTony Zale Boxing
Zaleski, RichRich Zaleski Fishing
Zorich, ChrisChris Zorich[6] Football Linebacker
Defensive Line
Vocational HS
Notre Dame

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